Outdoor Skating Rinks

Outdoor ice rinks are operated in City parks by community volunteer committees. There is no fee to use the ice rink and there are no equipment skates, helmet, sticks rentals available. When the rink is operational it is open until 11 pm nightly then the lights are shut off. 

All skating is done at the public’s own risk on all outdoor ice rinks operated by volunteers within the City of Hamilton. The use of helmets is strongly recommended.

Outdoor ice may have more imperfections bumps, ruts, soft spots, etc. than indoor ice. Use of sport sticks hockey, ringette, etc. is allowed on outdoor ice rinks but slap shots are not allowed. Parks may have posted times where the rink is designated for Pleasure Skating Only and this equipment is not allowed. 

Neighbourhood Outdoor Rink Volunteers

We are preparing for another season of neighbourhood outdoor rinks.

If you would like to be a Neighbourhood Outdoor Rink Volunteer, complete the online expression of interest form.

Outdoor Ice Rink Locations

Alexander Park - West Downtown
259 Whitney Avenue., Hamilton

Ancaster Heights
Massey Drive, Ancaster

Andrew Warburton Park – East End 
199 Tragina Avenue North, Hamilton

Arcade Park (T. Melville Bailey Park) - Mountain
45 Cloverhill Road, Hamilton

Austin Park– East Mountain
36 Dartford Place, Hamilton

Beasley Park – Downtown
96 Mary Street, Hamilton

Berrisfield Park – East Mountain
125 Birchcliffe Cresent, Hamilton

Bobby Kerr Park - East Mountain
100 Reno Avenue, Hamilton

Bruce Park  – Mountain
145 Brucedale Avenue East, Hamilton

Buchanan Park – West Mountain
111 Columbia Drive, Hamilton

Carter Park   - Downtown
32 Stinson Street, Hamilton

Churchill Park
167 Cline Avenue North (Lawn bowling area), Hamilton

Colquhoun Park – West Mountain
20 Leslie Avenue, Hamilton

Corktown Park  - Downtown
175 Ferguson Avenue South, Hamilton

Eringate Park – Stoney Creek Mountain
25 Shady Glen Drive, Stoney Creek

Father Sean O'Sullivan Park – East Hamilton
1141 Greenhill Avenue, Hamilton

Fay Park – East Mountain
95 Broker Drive, Hamilton

Freelton Community Park
170 Freelton Road, Freelton

Gage Park
1000 Main Street East, Hamilton

Gilkson Park – West Mountain
50 Gemini Drive, Hamilton

Green Acres Park – Stoney Creek
880 Queenston Road, Stoney Creek

HAAA  – Downtown
250 Charlton Avenue West, Hamilton

Hampton Park – East Mountain
28 Lupin Avenue, Hamilton

Harmony Hall – Ancaster
474 Annalee Drive, Ancaster

Highview Park - Mountain
879 Brucedale Avenue East, Hamilton

Homebrook Park – Glanbrook
204 Stagecoach Drive, Glanbrook

Kennedy East Park – Mountain
130 Malton Drive, Hamilton

Little John Park
Little John Road, Dundas

Macassa Park -  Mountain
777 Upper Sherman Avenue, Hamilton

Millgrove Community Park
855 Millgrove Side Rd., Millgrove

Mohawk Meadows
645 Iroquois Avenue, Ancaster

Moorland Park
160 Moorland Crescent, Ancaster

Mount Lions – East Mountain
450 Queen Victoria Drive, Hamilton

Mountain Drive Park – Mountain
935 Concession Street, Hamilton

Optimist Park
237 Manituou Way, Ancaster

Radial Park - Downtown
1 Spruceside Avenue, Hamilton

Rosebough Park
23 Rosebough Street, Greensville

Rushdale Park (T.B McQuesten) - Mountain
1199 Upper Wentworth, Hamilton

St. Christophers Park - Downtown
119 McAnulty Blvd., Hamilton

Scenic Woods - Ancaster
220 Lavender Drive, Ancaster

Trenholme Park
135 Trenholme Crescent, Hamilton

Veterans Park - Dundas
105 Huntingwood Avenue, Dundas

Victoria Park
516 King Street West, Hamilton

Westover Park
1430 Concession Rd 6, Hamilton

Winona Park
1328 Barton Street East, Winona

Witherspoon Park
70 Witherspoon Street, Dundas