Parks, Trails and Beaches

Parks, Trails and Beaches

Forest trail during the fall when the leaves changed colour to orange

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Our interactive map allows you to search for parks by location, or filter parks by a particular amenity. 

Explore Hamilton's trails!

Find information on local area trails, as well as links to long distance trails such as the Bruce Trail and Trans Canada Trail.

Safely view our waterfalls

With Hamilton being home to more than 100 waterfalls, safety is our number one priority.

Is it safe to swim?

Hamilton Public Health Services samples and tests public beach water for E.Coli at least once per week during the swimming season.

Security Cameras in City Parks Pilot Project

The City of Hamilton is kicking off a one-year security camera pilot project in Fay Avenue Park (Ward 6) as part of the City’s Graffiti Management Program.

Personal information, in the form of images recorded by security cameras is collected for the purposes of discouraging and preventing dumping and graffiti, in support of Yard Maintenance By-law 10-118 and other illegal activities.

What do I do if I see people smoking in a public park?

To report smoking in City parks and recreation areas:

To help investigate complaints, provide:

  • Your name and phone number or email for follow-up
  • Date and time you saw smoking in City parks or recreation areas
  • Description of person or people smoking
  • The location where you saw people smoking