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Park Washrooms

COVID-19 safety measures

  • Don’t use public park washrooms if you are sick or showing signs of being sick.
  • Use alcohol-based sanitizer before use. Wash your hands with soap and warm water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer after use.
  • Respect physical distancing and maximum capacity limits identified on washroom door
  • Wear a mask when using park washrooms


How to get involved

Visit to engage with us.

We encourage all community members to provide feedback on their experience using park washrooms in year one of the pilot program. Public consultation open until July 29, 2022.

Have your say and join the conversation!

  • Take the Winter Washroom Survey
  • Join the discussion on key issues and concerns
  • Suggest new locations for the program to expand
  • Provide other comments and ideas to the program

Welcome to the City of Hamilton’s Park Washroom Finder

This interactive map allows you to search for public washrooms in parks by location, or filter by washroom status (open/closed for season). This information is updated seasonally, washroom status will not be updated to reflect nightly closures or closures related to damage or maintenance.

  • Spring/Summer Season: Park washroom are typically open between May and October. Public Works Staff manually open, close and clean park washrooms daily.  Park washrooms are opened between the hours of 8 am and 10 am and closed between dusk and 11 pm. Depending on the location of the washroom and where it falls on the route, the opening and closing times may vary. 
  • Fall/Winter Season: A select number of washrooms are available during the fall and winter season during daylight hours and subject to change based on the cleaning schedule). This is the start of a two year trial period.

To report an issue in a park washroom, please contact the City’s Customer Contact Centre at 905-546-2489.