Best Fit For You Fitness Series

Best FIT rating system

Find the class that best describes your current fitness level:

Never participated in group fitness (sedentary lifestyle) or returning due to a break in fitness or injury (within one year).

Active two or more days per week (i.e. personal fitness routine or group fitness), can participate at a moderate intensity level.

Active three or more days per week. Avid participation at a high intensity level.

Five fitness elements

Choose which element you want most in your workout at a low, mid, or high level:

Overall renage of motion

Overall increase in heart rate

Amount of power needed to lift

Amount of shock your body will absorb

Overall energy level needed before tiring

Program/Description Level Flexibility Cardio Strength Impact Endurance
Boot Camp
High performance and intense exercises. Increase your agility, strength, endurance and overall fitness performance while decreasing total body fat.
Performance Mid High High High High
Cardio Dance (Gentle)
A low-impact, gentle movement dance routine to motivating music and continuous movement.
Introductory Low Mid Low Low Low
Cardio, Balance and Strength
Intensity progression in each area of cardio, balance and strength. Exercise target areas: core, arms, legs, shoulders, neck, back.
Progressive Mid High Mid Low Mid
Cardio Beat
Cardio based class that uses pool noodles and a stationary stability ball to complete drumming like movements. Focus on upper body movement to increase cardio levels. Enhances spatial awareness when moving around the ball and room as a group. Participants remain standing; no exercises are done on the ball. Muscular endurance achieved through lower body; legs and core engagement.
All Low Mid Low Low Mid
Cardio Fit
A concentrated 45 minutes of cardio based group exercise choreographed to music. Warm up and cool down for remainder of time. Class will engage participants in aerobic exercise; will make you sweat, increase your breathing and heart beating faster. Movements will help you strengthen your heart and lungs. Exercise routines are rhythmic with no equipment.
Progressive Low High Low High High
Chair Fit
Using a chair as equipment to gain maximum workout with low impact. Breathing practices, core, upper & lower body strengthening, cardio, balance exercises.
Introductory Low Mid Low Low Low
Cardio Dance
Dance based group fitness. Continuous dance routine to motivating music. Range of intensity movements offered.
Progressive Low Mid Low Mid Mid
Cardio Trampoline
Bouncing and rebounding on a personal trampoline. Balancing on the trampoline using feet, back, knees. Using body resistance and weights. Using the give in trampoline to lower impact.
Progressive Mid Mid Mid Low Mid
Circuit Fit
Timed exercises in stations with option to go at own pace. Mat work, dynamic stretches, body weight resistance, jumping, cardio.
All Low Mid Mid Mid Mid
Fitness (Intro)
Introduction to basic fitness skills. Build your cardio, strength and balance while gaining confidence in your fitness abilities. Gentle and easy to adapt movements for your arms, legs and core. Sit to stand motions, reaching, bending, paced walking and stretching.
Introductory Low Low Low Low Low
Interval Fitness
Timed interval style of fitness offering a variety of exercises at high to low intensities. Expect to alternate cardio training with muscle conditioning/strength exercises. This effective format of exercising will also help develop and maintain your balance and coordination. Active recovery between intervals and final stretch session will help you progress safely through the session.
Progressive Low Mid Mid Mid High
Using weights with handles to swing rather than lift during specialized exercise sequences. Kettlebell training involves the entire body and focuses on endurance, power and dynamic movements. Arms act as a pendulum and lower body propel movements upward. Expect controlled, weight bearing movements to help increase bone density.
Performance Low Mid High Mid High
Pilates is a series of core strengthening exercises. Focus on flexibility, posture and use of breathe to facilitate movement. Develop overall body strength and mind body awareness. Predominant mat work, breathing exercises, joint and spinal mobilization, standing balance, abdominal activation. Class done in bare feet.
Progressive Mid Low Mid Low Low
Pilates 2
Building on the essential exercises learned in beginner Pilates courses. Focus on progressive core strength and core coordination. Work at a faster pace. Overall toning, improved stamina, improved
coordination, core challenge. Class done in bare feet.
Performance High Low High Low High
Pilates (Chair)
Chair Pilates is a spinal health, posture enhancement and core endurance program based from a chair. Some standing exercises will be suggested. You can expect to feel stronger, taller and more aware of your posture and body position. Decreases in joint pain and improved levels of endurance and strength. Shoes required.
Introductory Mid Low Mid Low Mid
Pilates (with Baby)
Incorporating your baby in Pilates movements. Regain core muscle tone post natal. Work at your own pace mat work, breathing exercises, joint and spinal mobilization, standing balance, abdominal activation. Class done in bare feet.
Introductory Low Low Low Low Low
Stability Ball, Strength and Tone
Full body workout using dynamic balance and challenging all muscle groups while using a stability ball. Balance on ball, lifting, squeezing, carrying and traveling. Stationary mat work will conclude
Mid Mid High Low Mid
Stroller Fit
Using a stroller as equipment to gain maximum workout. Cardio, balance and strength exercises. Power walking with stroller, ending with mat work to stretch muscles with infant interaction.
Progressive Mid High Low Mid Mid
Yoga (Chair)
Yoga done with a chair, some standing exercises. Combination of poses providing modifications so that every fitness level is included and can easily participate. An emphasis on breath during the challenging poses of the workout combine to establish a sense of power and control. This class is based on simple, functional and repetitive moves. Shoes required.
Introductory Mid Low Mid Low Low
Yoga (Intro)
This class is an introduction to the foundations of the principles and practices of yoga. Classes that provide opportunity for questions, exploring yoga foundations and working at your own pace. Discover how to open and invite more movement and range of motion into your body. Combinations and sequences of exercises that are designed to work with natural breathing process as well as how we link pose to pose. Class done in bare feet.
Introductory Mid Low Mid Low Low
Yoga Hatha
Alignment awareness during yoga poses and developing breathing techniques. Concluding with meditation. The postures will stretch and align the body, promoting balance and flexibility. Class done in bare feet.
Progressive Mid Low Mid Low Mid
Yoga Vinyasa
Build on foundations taught in Yoga Hatha. Incorporate inhale and exhale patterns to transition between poses. Effort is at a moderate level. Movement synchronized to breath will allow for variety of poses at an increased pace. Expect postures to ‘flow’ to create continuous movement. Class done in bare feet.
Performance High Mid Mid Low High

Aqua Fitness

Aqua Boot Camp
High performance and intense exercises done in the water. Interval training to increase your strength and endurance and improve your overall fitness performance. Fee is for 45 minutes of guided exercises.
Performance Low High High Low High
Aqua Spinning
Stationary cycling in the water using a HydroRider. Water shoes required. Shorts are highly recommended. Full body workout on and off the HydroRider. Fee is for 45 minutes of guided exercises.
Progressive Low High Mid Low High
Parent & Tot Water Fit
Adult and child friendly class incorporating exercises in the water. Age Reminder: Up to 3 years of age. Interactive and fun activities promoting movement and working muscle groups. Strengthen muscles by using your child in exercises. Fee is for 45 minutes of guided exercises.
Progressive Mid Mid Mid Low Mid
Aqua Warm Water Exercises
Gentle exercises done in warm water. Low impact movements that are gentle on the joints. Fee is for 45 minutes of guided exercises, where facilities permit an additional 15 minutes leisure time may be permitted.
Introductory Mid Low Mid Low Low

30 Minute Fitness

Cardio Blast (30 min)
30 minutes of continuous high intensity exercises. Interval style class with rapid transitions between vertical and horizontal movements.
Performance High High High Mid High
Core (30 min)
30 minute series of core strengthening exercises. Use of body weight in a floorbased class. Variety of exercises repeated to stabilize the spine by strengthening the muscles around the torso. Breathing techniques encouraged.
Progressive Low Low Mid Low High
Power (30 min)
30 minutes of strengthening exercises using weighted equipment. Shape and tone your muscles by safely increasing weight amounts gradually. Work to strengthen muscles and increase capacity to lift. Challenge your endurance levels each class.
Progressive Low Low High Low High
Cardio Kickfit (30 min)
A combination of karate, boxing, and a variety of fast paced steps. Learn to maintain increasing intensity levels. Jab, cross punch, hook, upper cut, front kick, roundhouse kick, side kick put into a
Performance Low High Mid High High
Medicine Ball (30 min)
30 minutes of weighted ball exercises using slow and balanced movements. Progressive muscle and complete body workout. Weighted ball used in all exercises for arms, legs and core.
All Low Low High Low High
Stretch (30 min)
30 minute stretch and relaxation class. Slow and gentle movements that will engage you in breathing exercises and stress relief. Increase flexibility and strive to lengthen your muscles.
All High Low Low Low Mid