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General Interest: Adult dance class, young girl in a painting class

Registered Programs

Boy playing the guitar in a classroomA wide range of unique workshops and classes that inspire innovation, our programs offer something for every age.

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Infant/Toddler 0 to 3 yrs
Pre-School 3 to 5 yrs
Child 6 to 8 yrs
Youth 9 to 12 years
Teen 13 to 17 yrs
Before/After School
Preschool Playgroup
Specials & Workshops

Leadership Programs

Group of teens with a CPR dummy in a classroomReceive all the certifications and training that you need to become a recreation leader.

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Recreation Leadership
First Aid Courses

April 2019 - March 2020 Advanced Leadership Guide (PDF, 716.55 KB)

Drop-In Programs

Enjoy fun seasonal activities through our general interest and social programs.

Drop-In Schedules:

July 1 to September 2
General Interest/ Social Drop-In
Fun Night
Youth Room/Nights