Smoke-Free Recreation Properties

Hamilton’s Prohibiting Smoking within City Parks and Recreation Properties By-law No. 11-080 (PDF, 221 KB) came into effect on May 31, 2012. This By-law prohibits smoking in or on:

  •     parks
  •     playgrounds
  •     recreation centre property
  •     arena and stadium property
  •     sports or playing fields
  •     skateboard parks
  •     beaches
  •     outdoor pools
  •     leash-free dog parks
  •     some trails

Check names and addresses of places where smoking is not allowed under this By-law (PDF, 221 KB)

Report smoking on City recreation properties

If you have questions about this By-law or you want to report smoking in City parks and recreation areas

To help investigate complaints, provide:

  •     Your name and phone number or email for follow-up
  •     Date and time you saw smoking in City parks or recreation areas
  •     Description of person or people smoking
  •   The location where you saw people smoking