How to Register for Programs

Pick your program(s)

Spring and Summer Recreation Guide 2017 Cover

Get started early! Browse the guide for courses and lessons before the registration period. Identify programs that:

  • Are interesting to you
  • Help achieve your healthy lifestyle goals
  • Meet the recreational requirements of a certification program (for example: the Red Cross Babysitting Course)
  • Children must be the required age for the specific program, or must have his/her birthday by the end date for the specific program. If they do not turn the required age until after the program ends, they are not eligible and registration will be denied.

The new Recreation Hamilton Guide - Fall 2017 (PDF, 10.8 MB) is an informative publication developed to promote healthy living through activity. Drop-in schedules are not included in the Recreation Guide.

Submit your Fall Registration Form with payment on or before Thursday, August 17, 2017 by facility closing time to be considered "on time". Registration online through RecConnect is real time (immediate) and your best option for confirming space in your desired program(s).

Select your location(s)

Add in an adventure!

  • Look outside the convenience of your community.
  • Consider registering for programs offered in recreation centres located throughout the city such as North Wentworth Arena, Mount Hope Hall, etc.
  • Non-residents will be charged an extra fee of $14.75 (tax included) added to the total fee
  • All fees that are HST applicable, taxes have already been applied

Choose your payment/ registration method

Accepted forms of payment

Full payment of program fees must be submitted at the time of registration. We accept Visa, Visa Debit and MasterCard for online registrations. You may also pay in-person with cash, cheque, credit card or debit card payments. If paying by cheque, make remittance payable to the "City of Hamilton." 

  • Individual cheques and Registration Forms must be completed for each family member in order to receive separate receipts. 
  • If a cheque is returned "Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)," or is returned for any other reason, an administration fee of $32.95 (2017) will be added.
  • Patrons who do not reside in the City of Hamilton ("Non-Residents") are subject to a $14.75 (2017) surcharge per person (plus applicable taxes), per course.

Online registration (quick and easy method):

  • RecConnect Online Registration begins on Monday, August 21, 2017 at 7 am. Find your facility's registration day.
  • Immediate confirmation upon completion of registration. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    • New registrants - Obtain a FAMILY PIN and an Internet LOGIN ID:
    • Existing registrants - Locate your FAMILY PIN and test your internet LOGIN ID and PASSWORD at least one week before registration.

Drop-off registration (randomly processed):

  • Submit your 2017 Fall Registration Form (PDF, 33.6 KB) with payment on or before Thursday, August 17, 2017 by facility closing time to be considered "on time".
  • Forms received after closing on August 17, 2017 will be considered "late". 
  • On-time forms are processed randomly on the registration date of the location where the course is running. Confirmation will be mailed to you within two weeks. 

We no longer offer telephone registration.


Family PIN, barcode or internet Login ID

If you have ever taken a City of Hamilton Recreation course, then you already have an Internet Login ID, and Family PIN. If you have not yet registered for a course you can Apply for a new account online or drop in any City of Hamilton recreation centre to apply. Please be sure to get your numbers before registration day, as it can take up to three business days to receive and process your request.

Forgotten Family PIN, barcode or internet Login ID

If you do not have an email address in your account profile, a staff person will be happy to update your account information and retrieve your Login ID and Family PIN for you. Contact us using one of the methods below:

Why was my registration not accepted?

On occasion, we receive a registration we cannot accept. Reasons why a registration would be declined:

  • The age of the child does not meet the program requirements
  • The payment amount is incorrect
  • The non-resident surcharge of $14.75 is not included
  • We are not able to read the form (poor handwriting)
  • Cheque was returned non-sufficient funds (for which there is a $32.95 charge).

The Government of Canada allows a non-refundable tax credit based on eligible fitness expenses paid by parents to register a child in a prescribed program of physical activity. For more information about the Children’s Activity Tax Credit, visit Canada Revenue Agency's website at

If you did not receive your tax receipt for recreational activities call the Customer Contact centre at 905-546-2489 or email