Spray Pads

Heat Alert
July 22, 2016 - 12:27pm

The Medical Officer of Health for the City of Hamilton has extended the Heat Warning issued July 20, 2016.

The Medical Officer of Health for the City of Hamilton has extended the Heat Warning issued July 20, 2016. An Extended Heat Warning is issued when hot weather conditions are expected to last three or more consecutive days with daytime highs greater than or equal to 31°C and nighttime lows greater then or equal to 20°C OR Humidex of 40°C or greater. 

Current details

An extended period of hot and humid weather will continue today and persist into the weekend. High temperatures are expected to reach or exceed 33°C today with accompanying humidex values of over 40°C also anticipated.

For more information, visit www.hamilton.ca/heat.

July 21, 2016 - 12:31pm

Hamilton Fire Department Issues Open Air Burning Ban - July 21, 2016

HAMILTON, ON – July 21, 2016 – Due to current dry weather conditions coupled with the continued forecast of extreme temperatures with no appreciable rain in the near future, the Hamilton Fire Department has issued an immediate ban on all open air burning in the City of Hamilton.  This ban suspends all approved Open Air Burning Permits.

More information and details about the ban.

Spray pad programming

  • Spray pads will open throughout the month of June and the status will be updated
  • Last updated: July 22, 2016
  • Spray pads are free to use and are open until early September.  
  • During a Heat Event, spray pads are a great place to cool off.  Learn more about the City's Heat Alert and Response System.


Allison Neighbourhood Park
Location: 51 Piano Dr.
Status: Open

Andrew Warburton Memorial Park
199 Tragina Ave. North
Status: Open

Beasley Park
96 Mary St.
Status: Open

Belview Park
205 Belmont Ave.
Status: Open

Berrisfield Park
125 Birchcliffe Cres.
Status: Open

Billy Sherring Park
1530 Upper Sherman Ave.
Status: Open

Broughton Park East
990 Rymal Rd. E.
Status: Open

Buchanan Park
111 Columbia Dr.
Status: Open

Carter Park
32 Stinson St.
Status: Open

Central Park
168 Bay St. N.
Status: Open

Churchill Park
250 Glen Rd.
Status: Open

Dundas Driving Park
71 Cross St.
Status: Open

Durand Park
250 Park St. S
Status: Open

Eastmount Park
115 East 26th St.
Status: Open

Eastwood Park (Arena)
111 Burlington St. E.
Status: Open

Eleanor Park
80 Presidio Dr.
Status: Open

Elmar Park
140 Brigade Dr.
Status: Open

Fairfield Park
1501 Barton St. E.
Status: Open

Fairgrounds Community Park
305 Fall Fair Way
Status: Open

Father Sean O'Sullivan Memorial Park #1
1141 Greenhill Ave.
Status: Open

Gage Park
1000 Main St. E.
Status: Open

Gilkson Park
50 Gemini Dr.
Status: Open

Glendale Park
255 Rainbow Dr.
Status: Open

Gourley Park
142 Duncairn Cres.
Status: Open

H.A.A.A. Grounds
250 Charlton Ave. W.
Status: Open

Hampton Park
28 Lupin Ave.
Status: Open

Henry & Beatrice Warden Park
55 Lake Ave. N.
Status: Open

Highview Park
879 Brucedale Ave.
Status: Open

Huntington Park (Recreation Centre)
40 Broker Dr.
Status: Open

Jack C. Beemer Park
68 Victoria Ave. N.
Status: Open

Jerome Neighbourhood Park
1306 Upper Wellington St.
Status: Open

Kennedy East Park
130 Malton Dr.
Status: Open

Lawfield Park
150 Folkstone Ave.
Status: Open

Lisgar Park
95 Carson Dr.
Status: Open

Lucy Day Park
33 Clinton St.
Status: Open

Macassa Park
777 Upper Sherman Ave.
Status: Open

McLaren Park
160 John St. N.
Status: Open

Montgomery Park
1570 Main St. E.
Status: Open

Mount Lions Park
450 Queen Victoria Dr.
Status: Open

Mountview Park
115 San Antonio Dr.
Status: Open

Mount Hope Park
3027 Homestead Dr.
Status: Closed for construction

Myrtle Park
13 Delaware Ave.
Status: Open

North Central Community Park
467 Wentworth St. N.
Status: Open

Pier 4 Park
64 Leander Dr.
Status: Open

Powell Park
53 Birch Ave.
Status: Open

Roxborough Park
70 Reid Ave. N.
Status: Open

Rushdale Park
130 Southpark Ave.
Status: Open

Sam Manson Park
80 Nash Rd. N.
Status: Open

Shawinigan Park
1 Guildwood Dr.
Status: Open

St. Christopher Park
119 McAnulty Blvd.
Status: Open

Templemead Park
30 Independence Dr.
Status: Open

Trenholme Park
135 Trenholme Cres.
Status: Open

Veevers Park
688 Greenhill Ave.
Status: Open

Victoria Park
516 King St. W.
Status: Open

Village Green Park
291 Lodor St.
Status: Open

Waterdown Memorial Park
200 Hamilton St. N.
Status: Open

William McCulloch Park
200 Bonaventure Dr.
Status: Open

William Schwenger Park
86 Claudette Gate
Status: Open

Winona Park
1328 Barton St. E.
Status: Open

Woodward Park
589 Woodward Ave.
Status: Open