Planning Applications

Planning Applications

COVID-19: FAQ for Development Approvals

As the COVID-19 situation in Hamilton continues to evolve, these Frequently Asked Questions for Development Approvals will be regularly updated as circumstances change to provide residents and developers with current information.

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Service at a Glance

Formal consultation is the first step in the planning application process

Prior to submitting an application, property owners or developers are required to attend a meeting with Planning staff.

This meeting will provide an opportunity to meet with staff and outside agencies to understand the standards and expectations for various Planning Act applications.

When do I need to apply for an amendment to the Zoning By-law?

If a property owner wishes to make changes to a property that deviates from the permitted uses or the regulations of the Zoning By-law, the owner must apply for an Amendment to the Zoning By-law.

When do I need to apply for an amendment to the Official Plan?

If a proposal to develop land does not conform to the Official Plan policies and/or land use designation applied to those lands, an Official Plan Amendment will need to be made.

Applying for a Minor Variance

If you wish to make a minor change to the Zoning By-law regulations for your property that would differ only slightly from the provisions, the owner may apply for a minor variance, rather than a Zoning By-law Amendment.  The variance can relate to the land, building or structure or its use.

Applying for Consent/Land Severance

A consent is often referred to as a land severance.

The most common types of consent applications are for land severance, which allow you to divide a parcel of land:

  • into two or more new lots
  • to add to an abutting property
Development Application Mapping

A map of the City's development applications:

  • Committee of Adjustment
  • Site Plans
  • Land Division
  • Registered Condominiums
  • Registered Subdivisions
  • Condominium Applications
  • Subdivision Applications