Nurse teaching a health class

Service at a Glance

What do you learn at the City’s prenatal classes?

Public health nurses talk about the following topics in prenatal classes:

  • Baby’s growth and development
  • Healthy eating
  • Changes during pregnancy
  • Physical activity
  • Preterm labour  
  • Labour, birth and support  
  • Family life and community supports for new parents
  • The six weeks after birth– breastfeeding, infant safety, caring for your baby, parenting
What parenting groups does the City run?

The City of Hamilton offers the following parenting groups: 

  • Parenting with L.O.V.E for parents with children under age six
  • The Incredible Years for parents of children ages three to six
  • Group Triple P for parents of children ages two to six
  • Triple P Discussion Groups for parents of children ages two to six
What are prenatal nutrition groups?

They are free weekly groups. Join one group while you are pregnant to learn about:

  • Having a healthy pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding and feeding your baby
  • Healthy eating and cooking
  • Labour, birth and support

Each week, you will get bus tickets and a grocery gift card, and meet others who are pregnant and parenting in Hamilton.