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Flu Clinics

Hamilton flu shot clinic locations

  • Free flu shots are available for everyone who lives, works or attends school in Ontario.
  • Six months of age and older? Get a flu shot from your doctor or at a clinic
  • Two years of age and older? You can also get a flu shot from your pharmacist
  • Call pharmacy for clinic details

Find a flu shot clinic location

To find a specific flu shot clinic location near you, enter an address into the search box.


Costco Pharmacy
100 Legend Crt.
Ancaster L9K 1J3
Phone: 905-304-4251

Loblaw Pharmacy
54 Wilson St. West
Ancaster L9G 1N2
Phone: 905-304-5749

People's PharmaChoice
35 Stonechurch Rd. Unit #5
Ancaster L9K 1S5
Phone: 905-648-9884

Pop Rx Ancaster Central Pharmacy
1015 Golf Links Road
Ancaster,  L9K 1L6,
Phone: 289-239-6900 

Rastin's Wilson St. Pharmacy
323 Wilson St. East, Unit #101
Ancaster L9G 4A8
Phone: 905-648-6343

Rexall 8207
370 Wilson St. East
Ancaster L9G 4S4
Phone: 905-648-4479

Shoppers Drug Mart
47 Wilson St. West
Ancaster L9G 1N1
Phone: 905-648-4493

Shoppers Drug Mart
1000 Golf Links Rd.
Ancaster L9G 3K9
Phone: 905-304-0097

Sobeys Pharmacy
977 Golf Links Rd.
Ancaster L9K 1K1
Phone: 905-648-0283

St George Ancaster Pharmacy
1144 Wilson St. West
Ancaster L9G 3K9
Phone: 905-304-1200

Wal-mart Pharmacy
1051 Garner Rd. West
Ancaster L9G 3K9
Phone: 905-648-3517

Binbrook Pharmacy
3013 Hwy 56
Binbrook L0R 1C0
Phone: 905-692-9394

Shoppers Drug Mart
3027 Binbrook Rd. West
Binbrook L0R 1C0
Phone: 905-692-0234

Lee's Dundas Pharmacy
58 King St. East
Dundas, L9H 1B8
Phone: 905-627-4584

Metro Pharmacy
119 Osler Dr.
Dundas, L9H 4B6
Phone: 905-628-5288

105 King Street West
Dundas, L9H 1V1
Phone: 905-628-8500

60 Hatt St.
Dundas L9H 7T6
Phone: 905-627-2909

Shoppers Drug Mart
101 Osler Dr. Unit #101
Dundas L9H 4H4
Phone: 905-628-2251

Shoppers Drug Mart
133 King St. West
Dundas L9H 1V3
Phone: 905-628-6121

B to L

Barton Medical Pharmacy
293 Barton Street East
Hamilton, L8L 2X4
Phone: 289-389-8844

Barton Medical Centre
101-1130 Barton Street East
Hamilton, L8H 7P9
Phone: 905-543-1001

Cancer Centre Pharmacy
699 Concession St.
Hamilton L8V 5C2
Phone: 905-575-6320

Crown Point Pharmacy
145 Kemilworth Ave. North, Unit 1
Hamilton L8H 4R4
Phone: 289-389-4411

Drug Basics
2500 Barton St. East
Hamilton L8E 4A2
Phone: 905-578-5454

First Place Pharmacy
350 King St. East, Unit 117
Hamilton L8N 3Y3
Phone: 905-540-8877

Gage Pharmacy
1050 Upper Gage Avenue
Hamilton, L8V 587
Phone: 289-755-6000

Gordon's Pharmacy
1511 Main St. East
Hamilton L8K 1E2
Phone: 905-544-4631

Hamilton General Drugstore
237 Barton St. East
Hamilton L8L 2X2
Phone: 905-577-8259

Hauser’s Pharmacy
1010 Upper Wentworth Street
Hamilton, L9A 4V9
Phone: 905-381-4420 

King Medical
505 King Street West
Hamilton, L8P 1B9
Phone: 905-523-8388

Kohler Drug Store
574 James Street North
Hamilton L8L 1J7
Phone: 905-527-1716

LifeCare Medical Pharmacy
280 Queenston Road
Hamilton, L8K 1H1
Phone: 905-545-1103

Lifemark Health
4-875 Main Street West
Hamilton, L8S 4P9
Phone: 905-577-0098 

Lily Pharmacy
2-838 King Street East
Hamilton, L8M 1B4
Phone: 905-545-4000

Limeridge Medical Pharmacy
849 Upper Wentworth St.
Hamilton L9A 5H4
Phone: 905-574-5333

Loblaw Pharmacy
1579 Main Street West
Hamilton, L8S 1E6
Phone: 905-308-9339

Loblaw Pharmacy
50 Dundurn St. South
Hamilton L8P 4W3
Phone: 905-529-9135

Loblaw Pharmacy
75 Centennial Pkwy. North
Hamilton L8E 2P2
Phone: 905-561-1529

Loblaw Pharmacy
65 Mall Rd.
Hamilton L8V 1B8
Phone: 905-574-5939

Lopresti Pharmacy
770 Concession St.
Hamilton L8V 1C8
Phone: 905-383-2189

M to P

McKnight’s Pharmacy
685 Main Street East
Hamilton,  L8N 1K4
Phone: 905-545-7474

McMaster Drugstore
1200 Main Street West
Hamilton, L8N 3Z5
Phone: 905-521-5019

Main Health Pharmacy
460 Main St. East, Unit #102
Hamilton L8N 1K4
Phone: 289-396-4700

Marchese Pharmacy
316 James Street North
Hamilton, L8L 1H2
Phone: 905-528-4214

Medical Arts Pharmasave
179 James Street South
Hamilton, L8P 3A3
Phone: 905-522-1117

Mediserve Pharmacy
591 King St. East
Hamilton, L8N 1E4
Phone: 905-577-6667

MedSmart Pharmacy
2732 Barton Street East
Hamilton, L8E 4M6
Phone: 905-573-3555

Metro Pharmacy
1161 Barton St. East
Hamilton L8H 2V2
Phone: 905-545-7796

Metro Pharmacy
751 Upper James St. South
Hamilton L9C 3A1
Phone: 905-575-7755

Midtown Medical Pharmacy
130 Wilson Street
Hamilton, L8R 1E2
Phone: 905-577-4000 

Mountainview Pharmacy and Clinic
26-1070 Stone Church Road East
Hamilton, L8W 3K8
Phone: 905-388-5858 

Nash Pharmacy
691 Queenston Rd. Unit B
Hamilton L8G 1A1
Phone: 905-578-6274

N.L. Gibson’s Drugs Limited
377 Main Street East
Hamilton, L8N 1J4
Phone: 905-522-3547

North End Farmacia
3 Colbourne Street
Hamilton L8R 2G2
Phone: 905-526-6464

Parkdale Pharmasave
2-205 Melvin Avenue
Hamilton, L8H 2J7
Phone: 905-543-8880 

People's PharmaChoice
30 Rymal Rd. East, Unit #4
Hamilton, L9B 1T7
Phone: 905-0574-8195

Pharma Center
581 Main Street East
Hamilton, L8M 1H9
Phone: 905-528-3333

Pharma Plus
447 Main St. East
Hamilton L8N 1K1
Phone: 905-522-5447

1575 Upper Ottawa St.
Hamilton L8W 3E2
Phone: 905-385-1010

640 Queenston Rd. Unit #3
Hamilton L8K 1K2
Phone: 289-389-9831

Prisms Pharmasave
155 James St. South
Hamilton L8P 3A4
Phone: 905-527-5771

Q to R

Remedy's HealthCare Plus Pharmacy
908 Garth St.
Hamilton, L9C 4L2
Phone: 905-389-1339

RemedyRx Healthcare Plus Pharmacy
1079 Barton Street East
Hamilton, L7P 4V3
Phone: 905-547-8813

930 Upper Paradise Rd. Unit #13
Hamilton, L9B 2N1
Phone: 905-318-5383

505 Rymal Rd. East
Hamilton L8W 3L5
Phone: 905-387-7878

640 Mohawk Rd. West, Unit #21
Hamilton L9C 1X6
Phone: 905-389-1108

1395 Upper Ottawa St.
Hamilton L8W 3L5
Phone: 905-383-5999

126 Queenston Rd.
Hamilton L8K 1G4
Phone: 905-547-4168

505 Rymal Road East
Hamilton, L8W 3X1
Phone: 905-387-7878

Rexall Dell Pharmacy
730 Upper James St.
Hamilton L9C 2Z9
Phone: 905-388-3410

Rexall Dell Pharmacy
1119 Fennell Ave.
Hamilton L8T 1S2
Phone: 905-383-3386

Rexall Dell Pharmacy
517 Upper Sherman Ave
Hamilton L8V 3L7
Phone: 905-385-3218

Rexall Pharma Plus
2 King St. West, Unit #18
Hamilton L8P 1A1
Phone: 905-529-0333

Rexall Pharmacy
234 Parkdale Ave. North
Hamilton L8H 5X5
Phone: 905-547-2174

Rexall Pharmacy
331 Dundurn St. South
Hamilton L8P 4L5
Phone: 905-522-9578

Rymal Gage Pharmacy
905 Rymal Rd. East, Unit #153
Hamilton L8W 3M2
Phone: 905-383-1000

S to Z

Samy's Drug Mart
847 Barton St. East
Hamilton L8L 3B4
Phone: 289-769-8031

Scripts Pharmacy
2757 King St. East
Hamilton L8G 5E4
Phone: 905-573-4850

Sherman IDA Pharmacy
675 Rymal Road East
Hamilton, L8W 1B5
Phone: 905-318-9996 

Shoppers Drug Mart
510 Concession St.
Hamilton L9A 1C4
Phone: 905-387-8656

Shoppers Drug Mart
1183 Barton St. East
Hamilton L8H 2V4
Phone: 905-549-2408

Shoppers Drug Mart
113 Herkimer St.
Hamilton L8P 2G8
Phone: 905-527-2133

Shoppers Drug Mart
1300 Garth St.
Hamilton L9C 4L7
Phone: 905-387-2211

Shoppers Drug Mart
1599 Upper James St.
Hamilton L9B 0H7
Phone: 905-387-3333

Shoppers Drug Mart
902 Mohawk Rd. East
Hamilton L8T 2R8
Phone: 905-387-2300

Shoppers Drug Mart
753 Main St. East
Hamilton L8M 1L2
Phone: 905-544-1153

Shoppers Drug Mart
210 Mohawk Rd. East, Unit #1
Hamilton L9A 2H6
Phone: 905-387-4040

Shoppers Drug Mart
999 Upper Wentworth St.
Hamilton L9A 4X5
Phone: 905-388-8450

Shoppers Drug Mart
1341 Main St. West
Hamilton L8S 1C6
Phone: 905-525-9003

Shoppers Drug Mart
1411 Upper Sherman Ave.
Hamilton L8W 1C4
Phone: 905-318-2636

Shoppers Drug Mart
399 Greenhill Ave.
Hamilton L8K 6N5
Phone: 905-560-4663

Shoppers Drug Mart
181 Main St. West
Hamilton L8P 4S1
Phone: 905-528-8765

Shoppers Drug Mart
801 Mohawk Rd. West
Hamilton L9C 6C2
Phone: 905-388-9191

Shoppers Drug Mart
661 Upper James St.
Hamilton L9C 5R8
Phone: 905-385-3269

Shoppers Drug Mart
620 King St. West
Hamilton L8P 1C2
Phone: 905-522-0207

Shoppers Drug Mart
963 Fennell Ave. East
Hamilton L8T 1R1
Phone: 905-385-5356

Shoppers Drug Mart
991 King St. West
Hamilton L8S 1K9
Phone: 905-525-7772

Shoppers Drug Mart
1900 King St. East
Hamilton L8K 1W1

Shoppers Drug Mart
232 Cannon St. East
Hamilton L8L 0A9
Phone: 905-522-5707

Silver Creek Guardian Pharmacy
325 Winterberry Dr. Unit #104
Hamilton L8J 0B6
Phone: 905-667-4640

Smile Guardian Drug Store
517 Concession Street
Hamilton, L8V 1A6
Phone: 905-385-4334 

St. Joseph's Outpatient Pharmacy
50 Charlton Ave. East
Hamilton L8N 4A6
Phone: 905-521-6170

Sutherland's Pharmacy Limited
180 James St. South
Hamilton L8P 4V1
Phone: 905-527-4561

TLS Regal Care Drug Mart
2-480 Stone Church Road East
Hamilton, L8W 0B1
Phone: 905-526-4842 

TRC Pharmacy Hamilton John Street
14 John St. North
Hamilton L8R 1G9
Phone: 905-524-1122

True Vine Pharmacy
105B-90 Wellington Street North
Hamilton, L8R 1N1
Phone: 905-570-1111 

University Centre Pharmacy
1280 Main St. West, Unit #109B
Hamilton L8S 4S4
Phone: 905-540-3787

Victoria Pharmacy
304 Victoria Ave. North
Hamilton L8L 5G4
Phone: 905-562-1500

Village Pharmacies
1620 Upper Wentworth Street
Hamilton,  L9B 2W3
Phone: 289-391-0097 

Wal-mart Pharmacy
2190 Rymal Rd. East
Hamilton L0R 1P0
Phone: 905-692-2628

Wal-mart Pharmacy
1115 Barton St. East
Hamilton L8H 2V2
Phone: 905-548-6270

Wal-mart Pharmacy
499 Mohawk Rd. East
Hamilton L8V 4L7
Phone: 905-389-2755

Wal-mart Pharmacy
675 Upper James St.
Hamilton L9C 2Z5
Phone: 905-389-2322

West Harbour Pharmacy
554 John Street North
Hamilton, L8L 4S1
Phone: 905-529-7997

Westmount Medical Pharmacy
723 Rymal Rd. West, Unit #200
Hamilton L9B 2W2
Phone: 905-575-9090


700 Main Pharmacy
700 Main Street East
Hamilton, L8M 1K7
Phone: 905-544-0040

Costco Pharmacy
1330 South Service Road
Hamilton, L8E 5Z2
Phone: 289-335-4830 

Fruitland Pharmacy
311 Fruitland Rd. Unit #101
Stoney Creek L8E 5M8
Phone: 905-643-8181

15 Lockport Way, Unit #2
Stoney Creek L8E 0H8
Phone: 905-643-7676

Loblaw Pharmacy
21 Upper Centennial Pkwy S.
Stoney Creek, L8J 3W2
Phone:  905-664-6778 

Loblaw Pharmacy
21 Upper Centennial Pwky. South
Stoney Creek L8J 3W2
Phone: 905-664-6778

Loblaw Pharmacy
102 Highway 8
Stoney Creek L8G 4H3
Phone: 905-664-4232

Paramount Pharmasave
1795 Stone Church Road East
Stoney Creek, L8J 0B4
Phone: 905-578-1111 

Park Pharmacy
72 King St. West
Stoney Creek L8G 1H8
Phone: 905-662-9336

Shoppers Drug Mart
2110 Rymal Road East
Stoney Creek, L0R 1P0
Phone: 905-692-1214

Remedy's Rx Healthcare Plus Pharmacy
60 Centennial Pkwy. South
Stoney Creek L8G 2C5
Phone: 905-664-4005

102 Highway 8
Stoney Creek L8G 1C2
Phone: 905-662-2640

Shoppers Drug Mart
75 Centennial Pkwy. North
Stoney Creek L8E 2P2
Phone: 905-560-4800

Shoppers Drug Mart
15 Mountain Ave. South
Stoney Creek L8G 2V6
Phone: 905-662-4932

Shoppers Drug Mart
1 King St. East
Stoney Cree L8G 1J7
Phone: 905-662-4092

Shoppers Drug Mart
369-377 Highway 8
Stoney Creek L8G 1E7
Phone: 905-662-9996

Shoppers Drug Mart
270 Mud St. West, Unit #1
Stoney Creek L8J 3Z6
Phone: 905-560-6363

Supercare Pharmacy Stoney Creek Pharmasave
410 Highway 8
Stoney Creek L8G 1G2
Phone: 905-664-1922

The Medicine Shoppe
826-840 Queenston Rd.
Stoney Creek L8G 4A8
Phone: 905-662-5333

Wal-mart Pharmacy
510 Centennial Pkwy. North
Stoney Creek L8E 0G2
Phone: 905-561-3531

Loblaw Pharmacy
115 Hamilton Street North
Waterdown L0R 2H6
Phone: 905-690-4469

Pharmasave Waterdown Village Pharmacy
4-287 Dundas St. East
Waterdown, L0R 2H6
Phone: 905-690-2882 

Shoppers Drug Mart
25 Hamilton Street North
Waterdown, L8B 0E5
Phone: 905-689-7923

Wal-mart Pharmacy
90 Dundas Street East
Waterdown L0R 2H2
Phone: 905-690-8769

Waterdown Pharmacy
115 Hamilton St. North, Unit 15A
Waterdown L0R 2H6
Phone: 905-689-0999

Find out where to get a free flu shot in Ontario

How to access flu clinics

  • Call the location of your choice to see when they are open. They will provide details about when to come for your flu shot.
  • If you do not have a health card and live, work or attend school in Ontario, call 905-546-2489 to find out how to get the flu shot.