Free or Low-Cost Dental Programs for Hamilton Residents

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Here are some options for free or low-cost dental programs in Hamilton for you and your family.

These dental programs are available for adults and children.

Dental Health Bus

  • Provides free emergency dental services to Hamilton residents
  • For people with low income and no other dental coverage
  • Call 905-546-2489 for the current bus location

Special Supports

  • Provides free coverage for some dental services
  • For people with low income and no dental coverage

Call 905-546-2590 or apply online.

Public Health Services Dental Clinic

Low-cost dental clinics for adults and children

These dental programs are available for children and youth under 18 years of age.

Healthy Smiles Ontario

  • Healthy Smiles Ontario pays the cost of dental services
  • For children and youth under 18 years old who live in Hamilton and are low income
  • Your adjusted family net income must be less than $22,070 per year to access the program if you have one child.  The adjusted net family income limit required to access the program increases by about $1670 for each additional child in your family.
  • Call 905-546-2424 ext. 3566 or check Healthy Smiles Ontario for more information

Children’s Preventive Dental Clinics

  • Provide free dental services such as cleaning teeth, fluoride, dental sealants
  • For children and youth with low income
  • Call 905-546-2424 ext. 3566 to book an appointment