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The Van Needle Syringe Program

Hamilton Opioid Information System: Hamilton Public Health Services is collaborating with Hamilton Paramedic Services, Hamilton Health Sciences, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, and community partners to provide timely opioid-related information to the public.

The Van Needle Syringe program provides needles, safe injection supplies and needle disposal.

The Van Needle Syringe program hours

The Van Needle Syringe program operates:

  • Monday to Sunday 7 to 11 pm
  • New temporary daytime hours, Monday to Friday 11 am to 3 pm

Note: Clients cannot enter the Van. Please keep 2m distance from Van staff for everyone’s safety. If you have symptoms like new cough, fever, shortness of breath, ask another person to get your supplies if possible, and stay inside.

For information Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm call Public Health Services at 905-546-4276.

How to access the Van Needle Syringe program

Access the Van Needle Syringe program during operating hours by:

  • Calling or texting 905-317-9966

All services are confidential; we do not share information with others.

Call the Van early so we can get to you before 11 pm.

The Van has a new look as of June 29, 2020.  New van is a Ford Transit with a higher roof.  

We provide the following services from a mobile van:

  • Delivery of free needles, condoms and safe injection supplies such as alcohol swabs, sterile water, cookers, ascorbic acid and filters. Supplies are not available to clients with diabetes.
  • Sharps containers and disposal of needles.
  • Counselling and referrals for drug and alcohol use, detox, health care and shelters.
  • Refills of overdose prevention kits.  Find out where to get new overdose prevention kits and training.
  • Safer inhalation supplies.
  • These services are offered to prevent blood borne infections such as HIV and hepatitis infections by helping clients avoid shared needles and equipment. 

Contact the AIDS Network to complete an application if you are interested in volunteering for the Van Needle Syringe program.