Health Professionals

Health Professionals

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What Medical Advisories have been issued in the past three months?

All Medical Advisories and information sent out by Public Health Services is posted for a minimum of three months on the website.

Where can I find a list of diseases that are reportable?

Public Health Services posts a complete listing of diseases that are reportable to the City of Hamilton’s Medical Officer of Health under Ontario Regulations 135/18 under the Health Protection and Promotion Act.

Where do I report adverse events following immunization?

Health professionals are required by law to report adverse events following immunization that meet certain criteria.  You must report the adverse events by fax to Public Health Services.   

Where can I refer patients who need help with their new baby?

The Healthy Babies, Healthy Children program provides home visits by public health nurses and home visitors.  They visit pregnant women and new parents with children six years old and under to:

  • Provide prenatal support
  • Promote healthy growth and development for the baby
  • Tell parents about local community programs and supports
  • Help parents connect with their baby
  • Discuss breastfeeding, food and healthy eating
How do I report positive Tuberculosis skin tests?

To report a positive skin test for tuberculosis, fax the Positive TB Skin Test Reporting Form with the follow-up chest x-ray report within seven days to Public Health Services.

What can I reference for diagnosis and treatment of STIs?

Use the Canadian and Provincial STI Guidelines for:

  • Selecting screening for STIs
  • Diagnosing STIs
  • Treating STIs
  • Reporting STIs
  • Collection for laboratory testing
  • Dealing with specific populations