STI Guidelines, Medication Ordering & Blood Exposure Reporting

Diagnosis, testing and treatment of STI’s

Use the Canadian STI Guidelines and the Guidelines for Testing and Treatment of Gonorrhea in Ontario for:

  • Testing for STIs
  • Diagnosing STIs
  • Treating STIs
  • Reporting STIs
  • Dealing with specific populations

Order STI medication

Follow these steps to order free STI medication for your practice:

  1. Print and fully complete a STI Medication Order Form (PDF, 248 KB).
  2. Fax the completed form to Public Health Services at 905-546-2203.

Blood exposure

The Mandatory Blood Testing Act ensures that specific health care providers, victims of crime, persons providing emergency services, first aid or correctional services get faster access to information that can help them decide treatment or preventive measures should they be exposed to HIV, hepatitis B and C.

Mandatory Blood Testing Forms must be filled out by a physician, as well as the exposed person.  Call Public Health at 905-546-2489 to let us know you are sending a form, due to time sensitivity.  Fax completed Mandatory Blood Testing Forms to 905-546-4078.