Alcohol & Youth

Alcohol is the drug most often used by students in grades 7 to 12.  It acts as a depressant or downer.   Children and youth are more likely to be harmed by drinking alcohol. 

Effects of alcohol on youth

Some of the effects alcohol has on youth include:

  • Dependency on alcohol later in life.  Children and youth who drink alcohol at an early age are more likely to have trouble with alcohol later on.
  • Harm to normal brain development, memory loss or cognitive thinking or understanding.  Alcohol is linked to depression, anxiety and mood disorders.
  • Poor decisions and risky behaviours such as driving a car after drinking alcohol, driving with someone who has been drinking alcohol, taking risks with sex or binge drinking (drinking five or more drinks at one time).
  • Violent and aggressive behaviour, which leads to social problems and/or sexual or physical violence.

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