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Birth Control

The best choice of birth control is what feels right for you and your partner.  It is important to consider what will prevent an unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections before you have sex. Abstinence or choosing not to have sex is always an option, even if you have had sex before. Before you have sex, take some time to decide if you are ready to have sex and talk to your partner about birth control

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Where to get birth control

Here are some places where you can get birth control in Hamilton:

  • Low-cost birth control is available at Sexual Health Clinics based on medical eligibility
  • Your doctor
  • Local walk-in clinic

As of January 1, 2018, OHIP to cover drug costs for those 24 years and under with a health card or health card number.  Ask your doctor or local sexual health clinic about getting a prescription for the birth control pill to take to a pharmacy.  No deductible or out of pocket fees.

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