Health Topics

New School Registrations

Public Health does not require schools to collect and submit student vaccination records. Parents and legal guardians of junior and senior kindergarten registrants and students new to Ontario are asked to report their vaccinations to Public Health.

Parents are responsible for notifying Public Health each time their daycare or school-aged child receives a vaccine. Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic we are moving away from paper registration for reporting vaccinations. Please visit our online reporting tool at and select the online option. If you do not have access to the internet or you have any questions, please call 905-540-5250.

Children’s Vaccination Records

By law in Ontario, Public Health needs:

  • An up-to-date vaccination record, or
  • A valid exemption form

This is required for each child attending a licensed child care centre, licensed home child care agency (Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 ) or school (Immunization of School Pupils Act ).

Check your Vaccination Records

You can check to see if your child has the vaccines they need to attend child care or school by:

  • Reviewing their vaccination record (yellow card)
  • Asking your health care provider
  • By checking Online
  • Or by calling Public Health at 905-540-5250

Getting your Child Vaccinated

In addition to the required vaccinations, Public Health strongly recommends:

  • Annual Flu vaccine (for children of all ages)
  • Rotavirus (for children attending child care)
  • Hepatitis B and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine for Grade 7 Students

Following the Routine Schedule

When following the routine schedule, timing matters. The schedule gives some age ranges for your child to receive a vaccine (4 to 6 and 14 to 16 years). These vaccines are requires every 10 years from the 4 to 6 year vaccine. Example, if the 4 to 6 year vaccine was given at 5 years old then the 14 to 16 vaccine is required 10 years later at 15 years of age.