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Safe Water Program

The Safe Water program looks at all the ways the City can help residents have access to clean, and safe water.

Beach water quality

The City monitors the recreational water quality at the following beaches for levels of E. coli bacteria from Victoria Day in May to Labour Day in September each year.  Monitoring public beaches allows those using the area to be aware of any contamination of the water.  Learn more about beach water quality.

Drinking water safety

When you fill up your glass with water from your tap, you can be assured that Hamilton’s drinking water is safe to drink. The City of Hamilton’s drinking water consistently meets all Ontario Drinking Water Standards legally enforced by the Safe Water Drinking Act.  This act focuses on treating and testing drinking water and well as public access to information and notification of adverse water results.  Learn more about how we are working hard to ensure safe drinking water.

Private well and cistern water

Many rural residents rely on private wells and cisterns as their drinking water source. In Hamilton, we estimate that there are about 10,000 private wells and cisterns in use. The condition of water wells and safety of it's water is the responsibility of the well owner. Learn more about private well and cistern water.

Public swimming pools, spas, wading pools & splash pads

Public Health Services inspects public pools, spas, wading pools and splash pads to ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines under Ontario’s Health Protection and Promotion Act.  Hamilton Public Health Services helps owners meet these responsibilities.  Learn more about the regulations and requirements.

Small drinking water systems

A small drinking water system provides drinking water to the public and can be privately or publicly owned or operated.  Small drinking water systems are usually located in the rural areas of Hamilton where municipal water is not available.  Regulations under the Health Protection and Promotion Act require owners of small drinking water systems to provide consistently safe drinking water to their users.  Learn more about small drinking water systems.

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