Smoke-Free Public Places, Workplaces and Vehicles

The following laws prohibit smoking in public places, workplaces and vehicles.

Smoke-Free Ontario Act

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act and Regulations:

  • Make all enclosed public places and workplaces in Ontario smoke-free including bars and restaurants, places of work and workplace vehicles.
  • Prohibit smoking on restaurant and bar patios
  • Require restrictions on smoking in hotels, motels and inns, daycares and private daycares, condos, apartments, college and university residences, hospitals, residential care facilities and in homes where home health care workers do their work.
  • Require no-smoking signs be posted in the locations affected by this law.
  • Prohibit any person - driver or passenger - in a vehicle (car, truck, van) from smoking while someone else under the age of 16 is in the vehicle with them.  This applies to moving or stopped vehicles. 


Tobacco enforcement officers inspect public places, workplaces and work vehicles.  They also investigate complaints about these places.  A ticket and fine are given to people or places that do not obey the law. Fines start at $250.

Report smoking in public places or workplaces

If you have questions about the law or you want to report smoking in a public place or workplace:

You should include the following in your report:

  • Your name and phone number
  • The date and time of the incident
  • Description of what occurred
  • Name and address of business where smoking occurred, if possible

Hamilton’s Smoking By-law

Hamilton’s Smoking Bylaw No. 02-054 (PDF, 199 KB) requires all enclosed public places such as bingo halls, bars, restaurants and workplaces to be smoke-free.  It came into effect in June 2008.