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Vaccines and Immunization

The City of Hamilton provides information about vaccines and immunization including:

The City also provides vaccine clinics.

Why you should get vaccinated

  • Vaccines save lives, are safe and effective. The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks of disease.
  • Travel can spread diseases quickly.
  • There is no treatment for some diseases, such as diphtheria and meningococcal diseases.  These diseases kill one in 10 people who get them.
  • Vaccines are the only way for you to be protected from some diseases.
  • You can protect yourself and those around you from diseases. Babies are less likely to get pertussis or flu if their parents and caregivers get the vaccines.
  • Diseases can be eliminated if enough people are immunized. The last case of smallpox was in 1979.
  • You will be immune without the risks of getting the disease.  Getting the disease could cause severe illness or death.
Watch Immunity Community videos to see why some families get vaccines.

Watch Immunize for Good videos to learn how vaccines work.

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