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When to Get Help with Breastfeeding

Ask for help with breastfeeding when:

  • You are feeling worried or concerned
  • Breastfeeding is painful or your nipples are red, cracked or blistered
  • You have itching or a rash on your nipple or areola
  • You have a lump on your breast that does not go away with massage after 24 hours
  • You have a fever or flu-like symptoms such as body aches, chills or fatigue.
  • Your breasts are full and sore

Ask for help when your baby:

  • Does not breastfeed at least eight times in 24 hours
  • Does not want to eat and refuses two feedings in a row
  • Does not wake, cry or fuss to be fed after six hours
  • Cries a lot and is not sleeping between most feedings
  • Does not have the expected number of poopy or wet diapers for his age
  • Is very sleepy when feeding and does not drink

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