Public Health Inspections

Public Health Inspection Results

Image of a pass on a lanyard with the text "Need a back stage pass? Before you take a dip, get that new do, or dine, acces public health inspection results on our website."Public health inspectors check a variety of businesses in Hamilton to ensure they are meeting public health requirements. Each year our inspectors complete over 11,000 inspections covering numerous types of businesses.

COVID-19 IPAC Audits

Public Health completes Infection Prevention and Control audits in congregate living situations and other settings. View results of CoVid19-IPAC audits

Residential Care Facilities Environmental and Nursing inspection results

Find out about the inspection results for all Residential Care Facilities in Hamilton

Food Safety

Food premises are inspected for safe food handling as outlined in the Ontario Food Premises Regulation.

View Food Safety Inspection Results

Public Pools and Spas

Public pools, spas, wading pools and splash pads are inspected to ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines under Ontario’s Health Protection and Prevention Act.

View Recreational Pools and Spas Inspection Results

Drinking Water Quality

Small drinking water systems are inspected to ensure compliance with the Small Drinking Water System Regulation.

View Drinking Water Quality Inspection Results

Personal Services

Beauty and body art are referred to as “personal services” and places that offer these services are called personal services settings. Personal service settings are inspected for personal hygiene, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of equipment and facility maintenance.

View Personal Services Inspection Results

Tanning Facilities

Tanning facilities that are open to the public must be registered with Public Health Services, receive an initial  inspection to ensure compliance with the Skin Cancer Prevention Act, and are subject to investigation of complaints alleging non-compliance with the Act.

View Tanning Facilities Inspection Results

Tobacco and Vapour Product Retailers

Tobacco and vapour product  retailers are inspected to ensure compliance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

View Tobacco and Vapour Product Retailer Convictions and Orders

Beach Water Quality

Between Victoria Day and Labour Day, the water quality at public beaches is monitored for levels of E. coli bacteria and Blue-Green Algae (cyanobacteria). 

View Beach Water Quality inspection Results

Infection Prevention and Control Lapse

Infection prevention and control lapses are identified through the assessment of a complaint or referral and through communicable disease surveillance.

View Infection Prevention and Control Lapse Reports

Child Care Centres

Child care centres are inspected for infection prevention and control policies and practices as well as food safety practices. Learn more about Requirements for child care centres.

View Day Care Inspection Results

Recreational Camps

Overnight recreational camps are inspected to assess compliance with the Recreational Camps Regulation.

View Recreational Camps Inspection Results

Making a complaint

If you have a concern about food safety, infection prevention or sanitary conditions of a business in Hamilton, please call 905 546-2489 or email [email protected].

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