Community Health Profile

Our Home, Our Future: Community Health Profile of Vanier Towers (January 2019)

This community health profile is the result of the Vanier Towers INSPIRE project. The main goal of the project is to build stronger links between the community and service providers in order to address the needs of the Vanier Towers population in Hamilton, Ontario. To start this process, a working group was formed to create a community health profile of Vanier Towers.

Members of the working group included Vanier Towers residents, CityHousing Hamilton, City of Hamilton’s Healthy and Safe Communities Department (Hamilton Paramedic Service, Epidemiology and Evaluation, and Neighbourhood Action Strategy), McMaster Family Health Team, and McMaster University staff and students. The purpose of this community health profile is to evaluate the health of Vanier Towers community, raise awareness about the Community’s needs, and inform design-markers of possible solutions for addressing these needs.

Read the Community Health Profile of Vanier Towers (PDF, 2.6MB)

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