Hamilton Opioid Information System - Opioid Overdoses

So far in April 2018, Hamilton Paramedic Services has responded to 20 incidents related to suspected opioid overdoses.

  • Since January 10, 2017, the majority of cases (72%) are male, and the average age is 36 years.
  • In 2017, 416 people called 911 for a suspected opioid overdose, which was about 35 per month. 

Monthly paramedic incidents

This figure shows the monthly number of paramedic incidents related to suspected opioid overdose in Hamilton since January 10, 2017.

Notes: January data only displays calls from January 10 to 31, 2017. A new code was implemented on Mar. 15, 2017 to capture suspected and confirmed opioid overdoses as well as naloxone administrations. The data for January through March has been updated to reflect this change.
Source: Hamilton Paramedic Services, extracted April 16, 2018.


Map of paramedic incidents related to opioid overdose

Note: This map shows the approximate location (within a 1.5 km radius) and density of paramedic incidents related to opioid overdoses since January 10, 2017. The exact locations of the calls may differ from what is shown on this map. To protect the privacy of cases, clusters of fewer than 5 calls have been removed.