Home Alone Safety for Kids

Is your child ready to stay home alone?

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In partnership with SOS4Kids, the Recreation division is pleased to offer this comprehensive safety program is best suited for children aged 9 to 12. Designed with families in mind to help prepare children to be responsible and care for themselves safely in the exciting and sometimes scary event of leaving them without adult supervision.

Date: Start anytime. Course is valid for 21 days once activated.
Location: Virtual/Online
Price: $23

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The course encourages families to communicate in order to gain an understanding of each other’s concerns, needs, responsibilities, rules and expectations. Innovative digital and traditional gaming techniques provide a fun and positive learning environment. Engaged participants learn valuable life skills to them make safer choices when on their own. Safety and accident prevention are the common theme throughout the program with topics including:

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Street smarts and rules of the road. Being safe while out in the community

SOS4Kids People Safety logo
People Safety including tricky people, identifying inappropriate behaviours or tricks used by predators, avoiding strangers, getting help from a trusted adult

SOS4Kids Onlline Safety logo
Online and internet safety

SOS4Kids At Home Safety logo
At Home Safety for kids including safe snacking and safe activities

SOS4Kids Fire Safety logo
Fire Safety at Home (is your family practising what to do in a fire at home?)

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Accident prevention and removing risks and hazards

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Basic First Aid

With the online version, the Home Alone Safety for Kids can be completed independently, at your child’s own pace, in the comfort of your own home.  By means of games, digital media, video and situational-based scenarios, SOS 4 Kids aims to empower youth to make confident choices, handle real life and prevent dangerous situations and live a safe life.  Fun and interactive, kids must earn 7 safety badges to successfully obtain the Home Alone Safety Certificate. For more information visit www.safetycoursesforkids.com