REC Preschool 3-5Preschool programs help introduce young children to organized, recreation programs without their caregiver to promote confidence, independent participation, and positive growth. Many programs contain an Active Start component which promotes the development of multisport/multi-movement skills and the exploration of risk and limits in a safe environment.

Arts, Music & Science

Arts, Music & Science programs designed to provide play based and hands-on activities. Programs available in this session include:

  • Creative Playgroup
  • Exploring Art
  • Exploring Movement
  • Exploring Science
  • Learner's Playgroup
  • Tumble Playgroup


Sports programs are designed to learn the basic fundamentals of sport and exercise. Programs available this session include:

  • Sportsblast Fundamentals
  • Tumbling Fundamentals

Swim Programs

Active Start within the aquatic setting engages children and adults with an environment for learning about water safety by providing the building blocks of key movement skills and fundamental properties of water. Programs in the links below will only be viewable beginning December 1, 2021

Swim Programs

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