QR Fitness Trail

A new way to exercise. Use your smartphone to scan codes, watch instructional videos and follow the trail for a full workout at any level.

Each trail features seven QR signs that take the participant through a full workout, from warm up to cool down, with beginner, intermediate and advanced options.

Don’t have a smartphone?
Not a problem, the fitness instructions are also displayed on the sign. View a sample sign (PDF, 328 KB).

How the QR Fitness Trails work

  1. Start out at your favorite trail
  2. Locate sign #1 and follow the fitness instructions displayed or use the QR scanner software on your smartphone to view the fitness demo video
  3. Continue through to signs #2 to #7 for various exercises at your desired workout level

Fitness trail locations

What QR Fitness Trails provide

QR Fitness Trails provide:

  • Free alternative fitness opportunities
  • Guided routines by certified trainers
  • A family-friendly exercise experience
  • Three skill level options
  • Enjoyable outdoor recreation spaces

Sport and Recreation Communities Fund

QR Trails are made possible thanks to the generous contribution of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport through the Sport and Recreation Communities Fund.