Recreation Master Plan Engagement

Learn. Plan. Play. Recreation Master Plan

Introducing the 2021 Recreation Master Plan

The Recreation Master Plan will evaluate a wide range of service and facility types, including outdoor recreation amenities, indoor recreation facilities, and recreation programs and services to help identify needs and priorities across the City of Hamilton in the next 10 to 20 years.

How to get involved

Visit to engage with us. Your input will help the City understand the services that Hamiltonians need. 

The results the community survey will be used for the purposes of this Master Plan only and will be used along with other inputs to develop recommendations that will be considered by the City of Hamilton.

Recreation Master Plan Focus Areas

The focus is on parks and recreation facilities and amenities owned and/or operated by or in partnership with the City of Hamilton. This includes places and spaces that facilitate both structured and unstructured recreational experiences for the benefit of individuals and communities. The Recreation Master Plan will assess thousands of unique assets, including:

  • community recreation centres and halls
  • seniors centres
  • arenas and rinks
  • aquatic facilities
  • sports fields
  • sport courts
  • playgrounds
  • casual use amenities such as skateparks, leash-free areas and community gardens

*Most types of parks and recreation facilities will be addressed in this plan. Some facilities, for example trails, cultural venues, entertainment facilities, and parkland acquisition are excluded as they are addressed through other planning initiatives.

Why do we need a Recreation Master Plan?

Like many other communities, Hamilton has a variety of challenges that it will need to address in the coming years related to the management of recreation and parks services. Understanding these challenges allows us to identify opportunities that respond to current and future needs. Examples include:

  • Continued growth in our population, along with changes in age composition and socio-economic diversity
  • Emerging parks and recreation needs and requests, including changing sport trends
  • Aging infrastructure and the necessity to plan for facility renewal and/or repurposing
  • Efficient and effective service delivery, including partnerships with the community and other providers
  • Funding limitations, which requires priority-setting and creative approaches

What is the approach? 

City of Hamilton staff will work closely with Consultants to develop the Master Plan. With the help of Hamilton residents, service providers, and user groups, this Master Plan will assess facility needs and develop an updated provision strategy. By aligning these needs to policy and budget frameworks, the Master Plan will be a flexible working document that can adapt to changing values, emerging trends, new opportunities and operational priorities.

What information will be collected and included? 

The Recreation Master Plan considers public and stakeholder input, demographic data and growth forecasts, facility condition and usage levels, recreation trends and best practices, ongoing planning initiatives, and more. In this way, the priorities advanced in the Plan will be evidence-based and respond to dynamic needs across the entire city.