Hamilton Reopens

Hamilton Reopens is the City of Hamilton’s plan for the next phases in responding to the COVID-19 emergency. Originally published on May 27,  2020 the document outlines the plan for a gradual, safe and measured reopening of municipal facilities and restart of City services and programs.

Since the original publication of Hamilton Reopens (PDF, 1.10 MB), the City has continued planning and preparing for our new reality – one where COVID-19 is present in our community. The document – “Phase Two: Our Gradual Recovery” (PDF, 872 KB) – outlines some of the more specific operational plans and updates as part of Phase Two.

While Hamilton Reopens did not include dates or estimated timelines for reopening, the Phase Two operational updates document does. As well, it continues to outline the steps the City will take to keep our residents and employees safe as we make more in-person municipal services available to the public.

Our community will be forever changed as a result of the COVID-19 emergency and the impacts it has had on our families, our businesses, and our city.


Alignment with the Province of Ontario’s Reopening Framework

Hamilton Reopens is focused on municipal facilities and city services and programs.

While the Province of Ontario has signaled that Hamilton may move toward Stage 3 of reopening provincially in the coming weeks, this does not mean that the City will immediately announce Phase 3 of Hamilton Reopens.

The provincial plan focuses on businesses and public spaces, while the City’s plan is focused on municipal spaces and services. It’s important to note that the City will make our own announcements regarding reopening municipal facilities and restarting city services and programs that were modified or cancelled as a result of the pandemic.

Reopens Updates

Hamilton Reopens will be updated regularly and will likely change as the COVID-19 emergency evolves, and as the Province of Ontario updates its Emergency Orders and makes announcements for reopening businesses, schools, child care and more.

Hamilton Reopens is based on what we currently know about the COVID-19 virus and its behaviour. This plan may change and evolve as more information becomes available.

Remember the rules!

If you're heading out of the house:

  • Keep a 2m distance between yourself and others who are outside of your “social circle”. If you can't keep your distance consider wearing a non-medical face mask.
  • Stay home if you are sick or are showing signs of being sick.
  • Wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer regularly, and don't touch your face.

Hamilton Public Health Services (PHS) is working to protect the health and safety of our community with our health system partners and Ministry of Health colleagues to ensure we’re responding to this situation as it evolves.