Continuing to Work Remotely

Hamilton Reopens - Phase Two: Gradual RecoveryAs noted in the hierarchy of controls, physical distancing is the best way to eliminate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Continuing to work from home and using technology to replace face-to-face interactions is one of the best ways to allow physical distancing.

In consultation with the Emergency Operations Centre, the Senior Leadership Team, has decided that, wherever possible, many staff will continue working from home until at least September 30, 2020.

Some staff will return to the office, if they support the delivery of a public facing service that is now available and have been approved to return to work.

Most staff in the following divisions and sections will continue working from home.

Please note that as even some City facilities begin to reopen, staff who are continuing to work remotely will still require permission from their leader to enter the workplace. This is to ensure we don’t allow too many people into the office at one time, can ensure enhanced cleaning after visits, and can make sure staff complete self-screening before coming in.


  • Communications & Intergovernmental Relations: Communications, Social Media, Creative Design, Digital Communications
  • Digital, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships: Chief Digital Officer, CityLab, Community Initiatives, Corporate Initiatives, Revenue Generation & Strategic Partnerships
  • Human Resources: Administration, HR Systems & Operations, Employee Health and Labour Relations, Talent and Diversity
  • Audit


  • Office of the City Clerk: Legislative Services, Records / Freedom of Information
  • Customer Service, POA and Financial Integration: Customer Contact Centre, some staff from Service Channels,
  • Financial Planning, Administration & Policy: Budgets & Financial Policy, Finance and Administration, Investments
  • Financial Services and Taxation: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Business Applications, Accounting Services, Administrative, Payroll, Pensions, Procurement, Taxation
  • Information Technology: Strategy & Architecture, Business Applications, Infrastructure & Operations, IT Security
  • Legal and Risk Management: Commercial, Development and Policy, Dispute Resolution, Risk Management


  • General Manager’s Office
  • Ontario Works
  • Children’s Services and Neighbourhood Development: Home Management, Child Care Fee Subsidy, Child Care System Management, Early Years Research and Evaluation, Neighbourhood Development
  • Recreation: Non-essential administrative staff at Lister Block (28 James St. N.)
  • Housing Services: Non-essential administrative staff at 350 Main St. E


  • General Manager’s Office
  • Building Division: Plans Examination, Building Engineers, Zoning Examination
  • Growth Management: Engineering Approvals Group, Legislative Approvals and Infrastructure Planning
  • Economic Development: Business Investment & Sector Development, Commercial Districts & Small Business, Corporate Real Estate, Municipal Land Development Office
  • Licensing and By-Law Services: Administrative staff who are currently working from home
  • Transportation & Parking: Transportation Planning and those Parking staff who are currently working from home
  • Tourism & Culture: Tourism & Events, Placemaking, Public Art & Projects, Heritage Resource Management, and Creative Industries and Cultural Development, with the exception of some staff who will be returning to work at select re-opened civic museums
  • Planning: Development Planning, Heritage and Urban Design, Policy & Zoning Reform Group, Business Facilitation, Community Planning and GIS, with the exception of staff working to support the Committee of Adjustment, Planning Committee or Heritage Committee


  • General Manager’s Office
  • Environmental Services: Business Programs, Landscape Architectural Services, Administrative staff from Parks & Cemeteries, Administrative staff from Forestry, Administrative staff from Horticulture, Administrative staff from Waste Collections, Administrative staff from Recycling & Waste Disposal
  • Engineering Services: Design Services, Asset Management, Waterfront Development, Some staff from Construction Services, Some staff from Geomatics & Corridor Management
  • Transportation, Operations & Maintenance: Administrative staff from Transportation Operations and Maintenance, Business Initiatives, Roadway Safety, Programs and Contracts, Traffic Engineering
  • Energy, Fleet & Facilities Management: Facilities Planning & Business Solutions, Project Management & Construction, Office of Energy Initiatives, Fleet Planning & Acquisitions
  • Hamilton Water: Capital Delivery, Water and Wastewater Systems Planning, Project Management Office, Woodward Upgrades Project
  • Transit: Administrative support staff

Supporting employees who are working remotely

The City wants to ensure those employees who will be continuing to work remotely until at least September 30, 2020, have the resources and support needed for success. Here are a few options available to staff during this time:

Through their supervisor, staff can arrange to pick up computer-related items like a monitor, mouse or keyboard along with their office chair. Human Resources also has tools to help ensure home offices are set up to maximize comfort and injury prevention.

The City will accommodate employees with existing medical conditions by assisting staff in setting up their home workstations to meet their physical restrictions and limitations. If needed, arrangement will be made to transfer any special equipment from the office to the employee’s home.

More information is covered in the Telecommuting Equipment, Resource, and Workspace Set up Procedure – COVID 19.

Telecommuting employees are encouraged to review the Working from Home: Ergonomics for your Body and Mind document for tips on how to ensure that your home work location is set up well to enable you to have a healthy and productive work day.

If employees find that their equipment is not supportive after following the ergonomic tip sheet, they should speak to their supervisor and contact Health, Safety and Wellness (HSW). HSW will provide employees with a link to a Self-Assessment Tool, which will provide additional recommendations for supportive set up.

If employees need additional supports, equipment or require specific accommodations according to medical directives to work safely from home, employees should speak with their supervisor and Health, Safety and Wellness about their options.

Employees working from home may be able to purchase office supplies provided that they have approval from their leader to do so. Employees who have been approved may purchase items from any vendor, and must submit expenses to their leader using the Mileage & Other Expenses form with a copy of the receipt. Reimbursement will be processed on the employee’s next pay cycle.

More information is available in the resource Office Supplies for employees during COVID-19 event.

The following resources are available to support Telecommuting Employees: