Elected Officials: Administrative Offices & General Operations

Hamilton Reopens - Phase Two: Gradual RecoveryAdministrative offices for the Mayor and Members of Council will reopen the week of July 20, 2020.

All of the protocols outlined in the “Reopening City Hall” section apply to the administrative offices for the Mayor and Members of Council, with a few additions.

While face-to-face meetings continue to be discouraged, reopening the administrative offices for the elected officials allows residents to connect in-person on key community issues where it is required, under the established health and safety guidelines. For meetings that must occur, the number of attendees must be limited to adhere to restrictions under the Provincial Orders, and be appropriate for the size of the meeting space (maximum capacity is posted on the door).

Administrative Office Operations

Administrative Offices for the Mayor and Members of Council will adhere to the same health and safety guidelines as all other municipal office space.

There are six main focus areas for consideration:

COVID cleaning, spray bottle


  • Cleaning and disinfectant products will be accessible
  • Council members and their staff should clean and disinfect their own desk, chair, keyboard, mouse, phone and other equipment regularly
  • Where face-to-face meetings are required:
    • Smaller meeting rooms and offices should be cleaned by the users after each meeting.
    • Larger meeting rooms will be cleaned by Facilities staff after each meeting (i.e. Room 222 and 264)
  • The schedule and frequency for enhanced cleaning by third-party cleaners will be posted

Physical Distancing

  • Council members and their staff should continue working remotely where possible to reduce the number of people in the workspace
  • If necessary, it is recommended to create a rotating staff schedule, leave alternating desks empty or rearrange workstations
  • Face-to-face meetings continue to be discouraged. Instead, consider engaging with residents by phone, email or virtually.
  • Where face-to-face meetings are required:
    • Residents should make an appointment with their ward councillor
    • Records should be kept by the Councillor’s office showing the date, time, name and contact information for all visitors, in case contact tracing is required
    • The number of attendees should be limited to adhere to restrictions under the Provincial Orders
    • The number of attendees should be limited to the maximum capacity of the meeting room (posted on the door)
    • Rooms 222 and 264 will be made available for Councillors to meet with drop-in public, if required.
  • Where possible, Council members and staff should stay within their own work area
  • Signs and floor markings have been installed to encourage physical distancing

Stop the Spread

  • Everyone entering City Hall is requested to wash their hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based sanitizer when arriving
  • To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in City workspaces, signs are posted in the washrooms to remind users about the proper techniques for hand hygiene.
  • Desks, chairs, phones, keyboards and other equipment should not be shared.
  • Everyone should remember to cough or sneeze into their sleeves
  • Stay home if you are sick or showing signs of being sick


Health Screening

  • All Council members and their staff must complete a COVID-19 self-assessment health screening each day before entering City Hall.
  • The self-assessment can be completed in hard copy (PDF) or by visiting screening.hamilton.ca. Please follow the instructions on the screening.
  • Scheduled visitors must complete a health screening as well, and should be given the screening questions in advance of their appointment by their host.
  • Large signage is posted at the entrances to ask drop-in visitors about any possible COVID-19 symptoms, travel history and any close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 – all visitors must review the health screening signs before entering. 
  • Greeters will be available for those who need help with reading or understanding the screening signs.



  • The City Manager will continue to provide Council with regular updates about the City’s response to the COVID-19 situation
  • Information about physical distancing, good hand hygiene and health screening is posted and shared regularly