Garages, Maintenance Buildings & Yards

Hamilton Reopens - A roadmap to our new realityOutline of the enhanced health and safety controls that must be in place in each of these workplaces and summary of the protocols that will be in place in each environment going forward as a result of COVID-19.

COVID cleaning, spray bottle


 Ensure cleaning and disinfectant products are accessible
 Train employees on the proper use of cleaning and disinfectant products
 Ensure high-touch areas like doors, door handles appliances, counter tops, tables, cabinets and other shared equipment is cleaned regularly
 Inform employees about the schedule and frequency of third-party cleaners

Physical Distancing

 Ensure employees can maintain a physical distance of two metres from others
 Post signs indicating maximum number of people allowed in smaller spaces
 Use signage, floor stickers or arrows to direct the flow of traffic
 Rearrange workstation assignments, rotate days at work
 Where possible, require employees to stay within their own work location
 Discourage face-to-face interactions
 Stagger breaks, lunch hours, start and end times for employees.
 Limit visitors to essential business only

Stop the Spread

 Encourage employees to practice good hand hygiene
 Provide soap at all sinks
 Provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer where soap/water is not available
 Educate employees about coughing or sneezing into their sleeves
 Stay home if you are sick
 Discourage employees from sharing equipment where possible


Health Screening

 Ensure all employees complete and pass the health self-screening (PDF version) before attending work
 Ensure visitors complete the visitor health screening before entering the facility or workplace
 Post signage for visitor health screening and direct them to contact Public Health Services for more information.


 Provide employees with regular updates and information about the COVID-19 situation
 Share all relevant Standard Operating Procedures, schedules for cleaning and disinfecting, and other key information
 Post information about physical distancing, good hand hygiene and health screening
 Share updates from senior management regularly