Guiding Principles

Hamilton Reopens - A roadmap to our new realityThe City of Hamilton’s plan for safely lifting the restrictions put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19, reopening municipal facilities and restarting the delivery of City services and programs will be guided by the Province of Ontario, the provincial Chief Medical Officer of Health, our local Medical Officer of Health and other public health officials.

Reopening Hamilton will be gradual, safe and measured. This framework is guided by the following principles:

Protection of Public Health

We will ensure the health of residents and City staff continues to be our highest priority. We will provide opportunities to maintain safe physical distance from others and follow good public health and occupational safety practices while reopening municipal facilities and restarting programs and services.

Service to the Vulnerable Sector

We will continue providing support and services to support the vulnerable sector in our community.

Maintenance of City Facilities and Assets

We will consider which facilities and assets require maintenance or other action to support City business and operations.

Community Priorities

We will consider the services that are most valued by the community.

Economic Recovery

We will prioritize those municipal services or activities that generate revenue for the City, or that contribute to the economic recovery of the City or the community.

Health, Well-Being and Productivity

We will consider the health, well-being and productivity of employees when determining the most suitable location for them to do their best work.

Legal or Regulatory Requirements

We will consider whether a municipal service or activity supports a legal or regulatory obligation of the City.

Resource Availability

We will consider the availability of resources such as staff, physical and financial resources, personal protective equipment and more.