Child Care Fee Subsidy Wait List

The OneHSN Child Care Registry is no longer in service.

Parents with accounts who were still looking for child care were instructed to login by the March 31, 2019 deadline to keep child care applications active. If you are looking to apply for child care, please find your preferred operator on the Child Care Registry Map and contact them directly.

What will happen to my OneHSN Child Care Registry account?
Your OneHSN registry account was closed March 31, 2019. If you logged into your account prior to March 31, 2019 all your child care applications will appear on the child care centre waitlist where you have applied.

How do I know that the child care centre has my application?
All child care centres have a list of active applications. The City of Hamilton will also provide an updated list to all centres after the OneHSN registry is closed.

When will I hear back from the child care waitlist applications that I have submitted?
The child care centre will call you when a space comes available. It is recommended that you stay in touch with the child care centre you have an interest in.

How can I find child care in the City of Hamilton?
You can explore child care options in the City of Hamilton by using the Hamilton Child Care Registry Map located on our website.  

How do I apply for child care now?
To apply at a child care centre, you can contact the centre of your choice by telephone, email or walk in to the centre. 

The City of Hamilton Child Care Fee Subsidy wait list prioritizes individuals that are most in need. 

An overview of each priority

Immediate Placement 

Receive subsidy immediately once eligibility is confirmed. This group is not wait listed. 

  • Families with a child who requires special needs resources
  • Families in high-risk situations
  • Young parents aged 16 to 25 years

Priority 1

Eligible families with a family income below Statistics Canada Low income cut off. 

Size of Family Unit - Low Income Cut-offs Before Tax ($)

  • 2 persons - $31,061
  • 3 persons - $38,185
  • 4 persons - $46,362
  • 5 persons - $52,583
  • 6 persons - $59,304
  • 7 or more persons - $66,027

Priority 2

Eligible families with a family income above Statistics Canada low income cut off.

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