Child Care Wait List

Important notice:

  • There currently is a waiting list for child care fee subsidy
  • Wait times vary depending on priority level, available funding and exits from the subsidy program
  • Make sure any changes to your contact information are reported to the Child Care Subsidy Office 

The City of Hamilton Child Care Subsidy wait list prioritizes individuals that are most in need. 

An overview of each priority

Immediate Placement 

Receive subsidy immediately once eligibility is confirmed. This group is not wait listed. 

  • Eligible families with a child who requires special needs resources. 
  • Eligible families in high-risk situations and young parents aged 16 to 25 years.

Priority 1

Eligible families with a family income below Statistics Canada Low income cut off. 

Size of Family Unit - Low Income Cut-offs Before Tax ($)

  • 2 persons - $31,061
  • 3 persons - $38,185
  • 4 persons - $46,362
  • 5 persons - $52,583
  • 6 persons - $59,304
  • 7 or more persons - $66,027

Priority 2

Eligible families with a family income above Statistics Canada low income cut off.

Contact us

Phone: 905-546-4870
Fax: 905-546-3064
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Physical Address
Child Care Subsidy
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Hamiton, Ontario L8R 2K1

Mailing Address
City of Hamilton – Community Services
Child Care Subsidy
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