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Red Hill Family Centre

Children and instructors in a playground

Why Red Hill

Serving the Hamilton area for over 40 years Red Hill Family Centre is a fully inclusive family based child care centre for children 18 months-5 years.  We recognize that every child is unique and our educators provide personalized, individual and group learning experiences based on the child’s interests, talents and abilities to maximize their preschool experience.

Our qualified team of Registered Early Childhood Educators, Resource Teachers, Home Management Workers and other community professionals encourage children and families to develop to their highest potential.  The licensed program provides a safe, supportive, fun and stimulating learning environment for all children.

Red Hill Family Centre is committed to developing strong relationships with families and understands that families are experts on their children and greatly contribute to their learning and development.

Our Program

The daily program at Red Hill is based on the Ministry of Education’s resource, “How Does Learning Happen?” which encourages play-based hands on learning. Children have access to a variety of play materials  and are encouraged to participate in active and solitary play both indoors and outdoors.

Our well-designed classrooms offer children the opportunities to explore their environment, make choices and assert their independence.  Children participate in group play, fantasy play, and independent activities. 

For more information see our Parent Handbook (PDF, 287 KB)

Red Hill Family Centre recognizes children are capable, curious and competent and our program values and builds on the strengths, talents and abilities of each individual through caring and responsive Early Childhood Educators, who focus on active learning, exploration, play and inquiry.  Our program promotes the health, safety, nutrition and well-being of each child. Children and educators are co-learners in a fun, stimulating and positive learning environment. 

Red Hill Family Centre strives to ensure learning is joyous through a play-based active learning approach and children are engaged in indoor and outdoor play, active play as well as quiet time and rest periods.  Red Hill Family Centre is a fully inclusive program where learning is based on the child’s interests, talents and individual abilities.  Every child is unique. Educators provide personalized, individual and group learning experiences. 

We are committed to developing a positive relationship with families, keeping them informed with open, honest and respectful communication and encouraging a strong partnership between home and childcare. Parents and families are the foundations to success for each child.  We provide support and guidance for the whole family and strive to connect the family with the community. Parents are our partners and we strive to build self-esteem and self-efficacy with our parents.

Children learn best when the program fosters the children’s exploration, play and inquiry in groups as well as making individual choices. Our Registered Early Childhood Educators have shown special interest in learning with joy and providing a loving, stable and enriching environment. Children thrive when they are given abundant opportunities to play in beautiful creative and supportive environments that are appealing to the senses.  Children learn through play. When children play, they express, explore, combine and extend what they have learned about the world around them. Through play, children represent and transform the world. Play allows educators to view each child’s inner world and understand a child’s thoughts and perceptions. In our toddler and preschool programs children will have access to a variety of play materials and will be encouraged to participate in active and solitary play both indoors and outdoors.

Each child’s learning is unique with strengths, talents and gifts we can all learn from.  Educators plan for and create positive learning environments and experiences in which each child’s learning and development will be supported. Every child learns in a different way. Some children are visual learners, others auditory, while others need to touch and feel each experience. Some children socialize easily and seek out companionship. Other children are more shy and reserved. Educators will observe each child’s unique temperament and learning style to best determine how to maximize their preschool experience.

Red Hill Family Centre will ensure educators, parents, students and volunteers review the program statement prior to their involvement in the program.  Educators, volunteers and students will review and reflect on the program statement annually and/or anytime it is modified.

Toddler Program - 5 children to 1 educator

Our toddler room provides an atmosphere in which children are exposed to opportunities to stimulate creativity, problem solving, independence and confidence. Much of the focus is on developing a sense of self and discovery of others; both of which are important foundations for preschool and beyond.

Children and educators enjoy singing songs, counting, moving, sharing stories and listening to books, among other activities. It is a time that supports individuality, introduces social guidelines, develops language, and cognitive and gross motor skills.

During free play, toddlers develop self-confidence as they learn to communicate their needs and master challenges in their classroom and their world. Toddlers flourish when they are free to explore and when they feel encouraged by the adults around them.

Preschool Program - 8 children to 1 educator

When a child is welcomed into a preschool classroom he or she is surrounded by a comforting, home-like environment full of natural and thought-provoking materials. The environment is meant to foster the child’s exploration, play and inquiry and provide child-initiated and adult supported experiences.  Children are able to select materials, companions, and to manage their play independently. As they discover areas of art, blocks, creative play, sciences, math, practical life and literacy, educators observe and document each child’s development.

Each classroom is multi-aged and consideration is given to family grouping so siblings can stay together. Children range in age from 30 months up to and including 4 years of age.

Outdoor Play

Our outdoor space provides a park like setting for children to freely play and explore. Outdoor play encourages children to develop essential skills such as risk-taking, exploring, as well as fine and gross motor development.  All children go outside every day, weather permitting, and sun safety is promoted.


Our onsite qualified cook prepares a nutritious breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks and lunch daily for each child. Substitutions are carefully planned for children with allergies and/or special diets.

Our menu has been developed in consultation with a registered dietician and meets the recommendations set out in Canada’s Food Guide.

Children eating

Our Difference

  • We have 2 certified Resource Teachers on site to support children’s progress and development
  • We offer weekly parent groups for therapeutically referred families through the Home Management Program.  Topics are parent led. Examples of past sessions are parenting, budgeting, nutrition, and self-awareness.
  • Transportation may be available for qualifying families
  • Red Hill is a teaching facility and collaborates with McMaster University and Mohawk College

Children with instructor at sandbox


  • Our daily fee is *$64.00 per day per child.
  • We do accept families that qualify for Child Care Fee Subsidy.
  • If you would like to apply for subsidy visit How to apply for Child Care Subsidy

*Our centre currently qualifies under the Child Care Affordability Plan. During this initiative our child care fees have been reduced to $54.00/day.

Red Hill Family Centre is closed for the following statutory holidays and two additional professional development days each year. Fees are required for all statutory holidays but are not required for the two (2) professional development days or three (3) days following Boxing Day.

New Years Day
Family Day
Good Friday

Easter Monday
Victoria Day
Canada Day

Civic Holiday
Labour Day
Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day
Boxing Day & the following 3 business days

How to Apply

To apply, please email [email protected]. Once we receive your information we will contact you. Please note that at times there may be a waiting list. Wait times will vary depending on space availability. Once space is available for your child you will be scheduled for an intake appointment and site tour.

Contact and Hours

Red Hill Family Centre
25 Mount Albion Road Hamilton, ON L8K 5S4
905-546-2424 Ext.3084
Email: [email protected]
Hours Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm