How the Waitlist Works

The centralized waiting list is a modified-chronological housing wait list of all applicants eligible for rent-geared-to-income or RGI assistance in Hamilton. The list is maintained in compliance with the Housing Services Act, 2011 and approved local rules and standards.

Access to Housing or ATH will process all completed applications for subsided housing. If you are eligible, ATH will add you to the centralized waiting list. This waiting list is based on the date that you apply for housing. This means your name will be added to the waiting list for all the locations you noted on the Building Selection Form. 

You will be offered housing when you are #1 on the waitlist through the Housing Provider that you selected. The staff at ATH cannot predict or guess when you will be housed. It will depend on the status your file was given, the date you applied for housing, and your housing selections.

A Non-Profit Landlord will contact you with an offer of accommodation. You will only receive one offer. If you refuse that offer of accommodation your application will be cancelled and you will have to reapply and start again at the beginning. You have the right to request a review of any cancelled application through the  Social Housing Review Panel

Please call ATH to report any changes of address, telephone number or who will be living with you. It is important that you keep your application up to date and that you respond quickly to ATH’s requests for additional information. There is a time limit for responding.

If you want to make changes to your selection of housing choices, you must come to the ATH office to do so.

Please do not call ATH to ask when you will be offered housing. Non-Profit Landlords select applicants from the waiting list by date of application on a first come, first served basis. The only way you will move up on the waitlist is when applicants ahead of you on the list are offered housing. 

Keep your place on the waiting list

Stay connected
If your contact information changes, tell us right away. We will make your file inactive if we cannot contact you. You cannot be offered housing if your file is inactive.

Keep your application up to date
The government regulations for social housing make it your responsibility to keep your application up to date. If you do not tell us about changes in your information, you could lose your place on the waiting list. Access to Housing will also review your eligibility once a year.

Stay eligible
Every member of your household must continue to meet the five conditions listed under “Who can apply for subsidized housing?

Review your needs regularly
Review your housing needs regularly and tell us right away if your needs or preferences change.