Accessible Taxicab Owner Licence

Potential Postal Disruption

In the event of a postal disruption at Canada Post that may begin on or after October 22, 2018, we ask that citizens please make alternative arrangements to ensure the timely receipt of their payment to the City.

Payment options include:

  • Online at
  • In person by visiting 77 James Street N, Suite 250 or 71 Main Street, 1st Floor
  • Over the phone by calling 905-546-2782, option 3

Please note that late payment fees will not be waived in the event that the payment is not received on or before payment due date.

If you have any concerns, please free to call 905-546-2782 and listen carefully to the options or contact us by email at

How to be placed on the Accessible Priority List

Visit us at 77 James Street North, Suite 250 to be added to the Accessible Priority List. You will need to  complete verification documentation and pay the applicable fee of $57 (includes HST). The annual fee is required to remain on the list until new plates become available.

Would you like to file a complaint? Licensing and By-Law Services has enhanced the current complaint process to include a direct-phone option and web complaint form to better support the disabled community.

Financial Incentive Program for Accessible Taxicab Drivers

On June 27, 2018, Council approved the Financial Incentive Pilot Program for all accessible taxicab dispatched trips. The one year pilot program will provide a subsidy for accessible taxicab trips to further support providing accessible taxicab services to the accessible community.

The pilot will provide a $5 (plus HST) flat subsidized rate to all qualified accessible taxicab drivers for each accessible taxicab trip dispatched with Hamilton Cab and Blue Line Taxi Brokers.

If you are a licensed accessible taxicab driver and you are interested in the program, contact our office for more information.

Contact us

Accessible Licensing
77 James Street North
Hamilton City Centre, Suite 250
Phone: 905-546-2782 option #7