Accessible Taxicab Owner Licence

On February 28, 2018, City Council approved the issuance of 18 Accessible Taxi Plates (ATP), and the creation of an Accessible Priority List. The plates are to be offered to individuals on the Taxicab Priority List first. The remaining plates will be added to the Accessible Priority List for qualified taxicab drivers.

Eligibility requirements

To determine if you are eligible to hold a taxicab owner licence, refer to City of Hamilton's Licensing By-law No. 07-170, Schedule 25, Section 16 (Licensing Prerequisites - Taxicab Owners). 

The Accessible Taxicab Owner Licence is non-transferable for a period of 5 years, except as approved by the Director of Licensing. 

As a condition of being issued an Accessible Taxicab Owner Licence, the new owner will:

  • have 6 months from the date of issuance to have the vehicle approved to be on the road ready for operation. If the vehicle is not ready post the 6 month mark, the plate will be returned to the City of Hamilton Licensing Section.

How to participate

To participate, simply send us an email to:

Would you like to file a complaint? Licensing and By-Law Services has enhanced the current complaint process to include a direct-phone option and web complaint form to better support the disabled community.

Contact us

For more information, contact:
Licensing Administration
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