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The City of Hamilton licences lotteries, as per the Criminal Code of Canada, if they are held by any of the following organizations:

  • Charitable
  • Religious
  • Non-profit organizations

The following organizations are not considered charitable for lottery licensing purposes and will not be issued a lottery licence:

  • Adult hobby groups
  • Adult sports teams
  • Elected representative groups including municipal, regional, provincial and federal governments
  • Government ministries, agents or bodies
  • Individual youth sports teams
  • Political lobby groups
  • Political parties
  • Private sports clubs such as golf and curling
  • Professional associations, union or employee groups
  • Social clubs
  • Volunteer organizations which promote volunteerism

Lottery schemes allowed under the Criminal Code of Canada include:

  • Bazaars
  • Bingos
  • Break open tickets
  • Raffles

Lottery schemes not allowed under the Criminal Code of Canada include:

  • Three card monte
  • Coin tables
  • Punchboards
  • Dice games
  • Razzle dazzle such as bolero, football game, hundred yards or roll down
  • Swinger game

You cannot get a license for any lottery event to be held at a Stag and Doe. Check the AGCO website for specific information on lottery schemes. 

Use of lottery money

Money raised by lotteries must fall within one of the following four charitable purpose categories:

  1. Relief of poverty
  2. Advancement of education
  3. Advancement of religion
  4. Other charitable purposes beneficial to the community such as culture and arts, health and welfare, enhancement of public safety, enhancement of youth, youth sports where the majority of players are under 18 years of age and service clubs

Pick up a lottery application form at any of these locations:

Complete the application and submit the original copy by mail or drop it off to:

Licensing and By-Law Services Office
Hamilton City Centre
77 James Street North, Suite 250 
Hamilton, Ontario L8R 2K3

You can now pay your business licence fee online.

To make an online payment you must have:

  • your licence number if paying for a renewal i.e: 18-XXXXXX (first 2 digits represent the year)
  • your application number if paying for a new licence i.e: 18-XXXXXX (first 2 digits represent the year)

All organizations must provide the following documents to get a lottery licence:

  • Copy of letters patent, if applicable
  • Copy of constitution and by-laws
  • Copy of budget for the current year
  • Copy of financial statements for the preceding year
  • List of Board of Directors
  • Latest report to the Public Guardian and Trustee
  • Charitable number for income tax purposes
  • Copy of notification of charitable registration letter from the Canada Revenue Agency with  supporting documentation indicating the applicant’s status and terms of registration
  • Copies of charitable returns to the Canada Revenue Agency for the previous calendar year
  • Detailed description of activities
  • Annual report

Submit these documents by fax or email to:
Fax: 905-540-6280
Email: [email protected]

Personal information on the application form is collected under the authority of Hamilton’s Lottery Licensing By-law No. 15-051 and the Order-in-Council 2688/93.  Personal information will be used to contact members of your charity and to help ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of lottery licenses.

Contact us

Licensing and By-Law Services Office
Phone: 905-546-2782 and select option 3
Email: [email protected]