One Stop for Business

One Stop for Business

Business Licensing is currently closed
In an effort to redirect staffing resources to aid with vaccination efforts in the face of surging COVID-19 infections, business licensing has been closed. Detailed information about services, facilities and programs that are currently modified or cancelled can be found at

As the COVID-19 situation in Hamilton continues to evolve, these Frequently Asked Questions for Business Licensing will be regularly updated as circumstances change to provide residents and business owners with current information.

Service at a Glance

I need help starting my business. How can the City help me?

The One-Stop for Business provides free assistance and resources for small and medium-sized businesses looking to open or expand.

One Stop will help you:

  • Save time and money
  • Get the right resources
  • Make informed decisions
Why you need to verify the zoning of your property before you buy or lease

Before you open your business, and before you sign a lease or buy a property, you need to make sure your type of business can operate at that location.

To determine if you can open or expand at a certain location, you need to understand what the zoning regulations allow on that property. A Zoning Verification will also outline if there are any additional requirements such as parking and how far the building needs to be from the road.

How can the Hamilton Business Centre help my business?

The Hamilton Business Centre provides free consultations to help entrepreneurs:

  • Prepare business plans
  • Identify rules and regulations that could impact your business
  • Understand which government and private sector programs apply to your business
  • Help during your crucial start-up and growth stages
What mentoring programs are offered to help start or operate my business?

There are two mentoring programs available to help you with starting or operating your business:

  • Access of Professionals
    • gives you access to business legal, accounting or marketing advice
  • Small Business Advisory Group
    • helps businesses and entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, explore opportunities and achieve business goals
How can a meeting with a business facilitator help my business?

Business facilitation is a free service for individuals or business owners who would like to:

  • construct a new building
  • make renovations to an existing building
  • expand their building or property
  • open or expand a business
How do I register my business?

There are two ways you can register your sole proprietorship or general partnership business name:

  • Online at Service Ontario
  • In person at either of these locations:

    • Small Business Enterprise Centre
      City Hall, 71 Main Street West, 1st Floor

    • Ellen Fairclough Building
      119 King Street West, 1st Floor
      Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4Y7