Permits & Inspections

Construction Inspections

Property owners and contractors, the permit holders, must arrange for inspections of construction once they get their building permits. Building inspectors conduct inspections to make sure that the Ontario Building Code regulations and other applicable municipal by-law requirements are met.

Building Inspectors work closely with Fire Prevention, Public Health, Municipal Law Enforcement and Growth Management, to ensure permit holders adhere to all applicable local regulations. This involves:

  • Fire alarm testing
  • Informing Fire Prevention, Municipal Law Enforcement and Public Health of possible violations found during routine inspections
  • Ensuring compliance with any agreements between the City of Hamilton and any other organization dealing with development of lands such as Development Agreements

Permit holders must ensure that they understand the Ontario Building Code, the City of Hamilton Zoning By-law regulation and other relevant municipal by-laws as they pertain to their building projects.

Schedule an inspection

Building inspectors inspect at key stages of construction that are prescribed in the Ontario Building Code. It is the permit holder's responsibility to arrange for inspections at the required inspection stages. Inspectors are also available to inspect work at non-prescribed times to assist permit holders with their projects.

To book an appointment with a Building Inspector or to find out if you need a building permit, call the Inspection Request Line at 905-546-2424 ext. 7777.