Permits & Inspections

Sewer and Water Permits

In the City of Hamilton, you must get a service permit before you begin sewer or water work,including before you make a new service connection to municipal watermains, sanitary and storm sewers and before you make any adjustments to existing services that are connected to this infrastructure.

The application process for sewer and water permits for the following developments is outlined below :

  • Commercial developments
  • Industrial developments (there are additional MOE requirements)
  • Institutional developments
  • Multi-residential developments such as townhouses, condominiums and apartments

Sewer and water permits cover City inspections and water meters and work within the road allowance by a contractor who is bonded with the City. You need a permit for work on private property as well.

How to apply

To apply for a sewer and water permit, you must follow these steps:

Review the Sewer and Water Permit process and design requirements (PDF, 200 KB) before submitting.

The applicant or owner must submit a servicing drawing to the City for review and approval in person or by mail to:

Growth Management Department
Development Engineering Approvals
71 Main Street East, 5th Floor
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 5Y5

The applicant or owner must resubmit five copies of the completed plan for final review, processing and costing of the permit.

Approval of the servicing drawing is for material acceptability and compliance with municipal and provincial specifications and standards only. Approval and inspection by the City of Hamilton of the work does not certify the line and grade of the work. It is the owner’s responsibility to have their Engineer certify this accordingly.

When you receive notification that your servicing drawings are approved, and before the work begins, you need to get a servicing permit, excavation permit and/or water meter permit from:

Development Engineering Approvals
71 Main Street West, 5th Floor
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 5Y5

Permits are required for work on private property as well; it is the owner or designates responsibility to get the permit.

If work needs to be done within the municipal road allowance, you require an excavation permit. Permits will only be issued to a contractor who is bonded with the City due to issues related to liability.

Once you receive your permit(s) it is your responsibility to contact Development Engineering Construction at 905-546-2424 ext. 7860 and request the required sewer and water inspections. You must request an inspection 48 hours in advance of when you want it completed.

To get a water meter, the applicant or owner must bring the original copy of the water meter permit in-person to Public Works, Hamilton Water Customer Service, 330 Wentworth Street, Hamilton.

You get a meter spacer for the size of the meter you request.  Once your plumber installs the spacer and all associated plumbing in accordance with City standards, call Hamilton Water Customer Service at 905-546-2489 you can make an appointment to remove the spacer, install the actual meter and provide a remote reader.   

Permits for individual residential units, or satellite meters within multi-residential are issued through the Building Services, City Hall, 3rd Floor, 71 Main Street West, Hamilton.

Sewer and water permit fees

The following fees are for the cost of sewer and water permits for external building services and water meter permit costs. These permits are in addition to building permits, which cover internal building servicing.

You must pay the drawing review fee when you first submit your plan, or resubmit your plan after the permit is issued. This fee covers the cost of the detailed review and is based on the complexity of the project. 

Small servicing project fee: $795
Large servicing project fee: $1,575

Prices subject to change.

Service permit fees are based on the formula below. The fee is calculated after we approve your final drawing . You must pay service permit fees when we issue your sewer and water permit.

Total servicing permit fee = sewer permit cost + water permit cost + excavation permit cost + water meter permit cost
Each individual cost in the total servicing formula is only included as determined by the proposed work. In the case of the excavation permit cost, it is only included if the work is within the City road allowance.

Individual fees for permits

All fees include HST.

Permit type How the cost is determined
Sewer Permit Service permit administration fee (one fee if sewer and water are included on the same permit) + inspection testing fee + service length cost
Water Permit Service permit administration fee (one fee if sewer and water are included on the same permit) + inspection testing fee + service length cost + water construction cost (applied to servicing of properties with no existing metered service)
Water Meter Permit

Cost of meter is based on size and application.

Permit cost includes inspection, water meter and remote reading device installation by City. All other associated plumbing, including spacer installation (to be supplied by City, by owner’s contractor).
Excavation Permit $542.85. This fee is applicable where road work is required. Terms of Excavation Permit apply.
After Hours Inspection $378.55 (minimum 4 hours, request must be made during normal business hours, fee in addition to regular permit fees)
Inspection Fee for re-use of existing sewer service $480.25 (owner to arrange for private video of service)

Fees for services

All fees include HST.

Fee type Cost
Service permit administration  $192.10
Inspection testing for sewer and water $587.60 for services less than 100 mm diameter or $734.50 for larger services. There is no charge for water services less than 50 mm.
Service length   Total linear length of private service from municipal service main to within 1 m of structure face including all service laterals for multi-unit developments X $11.30/m
Water Construction Cost $28.70/1,000 ft2 of building area, $40.80/unit multi-residential per apartment condo/unit or $87.20 single residential/lot or townhouse

Prices subject to change.