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Taxicab Inspections

The goal of the taxicab inspection program is to provide safe taxicab transportation and acceptable interior and exterior conditions of the vehicles for our residents. 

Schedule 25 of Hamilton's Licensing By-law No. 07-170 provides the regulations which govern the licensing of taxicabs and also ensures public safety is maintained.  A key component of these regulations is the requirements for semi-annual and annual vehicle inspection. 

The safety standards of the vehicles are governed under the Highway Traffic Act. Safety Standards Certificates are required at the time of inspections for:

  • New licences
  • Licence renewals
  • Any time there is a change of vehicle

How taxicab inspections work

There are two types of taxicab inspections: 

  1. Regular/routine inspections done at the City garage. 
  2. Unannounced on-street inspections that can happen at any time such as during the day, weekends and evenings or as part of multi-agency vehicle inspection blitzes.

While the Safety Standards Certificate provides certification of the vehicle’s road-worthiness, during an inspection officers will:

  • Ensure the vehicle’s brakes, headlights, signals and seat belts are in working order.
  • Check the interior and exterior of the vehicle for damages and cleanliness.

 During an inspection drivers will need to produce:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Up-to-date insurance slip
  • Taxicab camera certification
  • Valid taxicab driver's licence

Should non-compliance be found, a re-inspection will be done to make sure any problems found have been corrected.

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