Bay Street Bike Lanes

Study area

The City’s Cycling Master Plan (2009) identifies the need for an on-street cycling facility in this corridor to provide an efficient and safe network to encourage cycling. Bay Street bike lanes (Aberdeen Ave to Stuart St) will create a convenient connection between the Durand neighbourhood, the downtown core, the Central neighbourhood, the new West Harbour GO Station, Bayfront Park, and the North End neighbourhood.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is jointly funding the project, contributing $295,000 through the Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program. This project is intended to incorporate three key elements:

  • The project is intended to be a demonstration project, incorporating various types of facilities, appropriate for the street context.
  • The project will incorporate extensive data collection, including SoBi ridership, to explore the impacts and benefits of the cycling facility.
  • The project will incorporate intersection treatments to facilitate connections to existing cycling infrastructure.

Public consultation

Information panels presented at the open house on November 3, 2016:

Bike Lane Design Concept, Bay St. at Stuart St. to Barton St.Bay St. at Stuart St. to Barton St. (No on-street parking)

Bike lane design concepts. Bay St. at Barton St to Cannon St. Bay St. at Barton St. to Cannon St. (On-street parking on west side)

(Design concept in development)

Bay St. at Cannon St. to York Blvd: The design transitions to a two-way facility along the west curb

Bike lane design concepts. Bay St. at York to Hunter StBay St. at York Blvd. to Hunter St.

Bike lane design concepts. Bay St. at Hunter St to Aberdeen Ave.Bay St. at Hunter St. to Aberdeen Ave. (On-street parking on east side)

Next steps

The design will be completed by spring 2017 and the installation is planned to proceed in the summer of 2017.

Contact us

Daryl Bender
Project Manager of Alternative Transportation
Phone: 905-546-2424 Ext. 2066