Biking & Cyclists

Cycling Infrastructure

The City of Hamilton currently has 115 km of streets with bicycle lanes (including some with barrier separation from auto traffic) plus 150 km of major multi-use trails; and is continually working to improve the cycling network.

Projects currently "in the works"

  • Britannia Avenue - between Barons Avenue & Walter Avenue
  • Creighton Road / Market Street (Dundas) - bicycle lanes
  • Green Mountain Road  - between First Road W & Upper Centennial Parkway, bicycle lanes
  • Limeridge Road - between Bonaventure Drive / Garth STreet  & West 5th Street / Hawkridge Ave. bicycle lanes
  • ​Locke Street - between George Street & Hunter Street
  • Melvin Avenue - between Walter Avenue & Woodward Avenue, bicycle lanes
  • Waterdown new streets - Nisbet Boulevard, Sadielou Boulevard, Skinner Road, Wimberly Avenue & Burke Street extension


Watch this box for special infrastructure updates
  • Barton Street – between Red Hill Valley Parkway & Centennial Parkway, planning a bicycle path
  • Birch Avenue – between Burlington Street & Wilson Street, planning a multi-use trail
  • Burlington Street - various types of cycling facilities between Wellington Street & Parkdale Avenue 
  • Cannon Street – between Sherman Avenue & the stadium, bicycle lanes
  • Charlton Avenue – between James Street & Ferguson Avenue (and a John Street connection to St Joseph's Drive)
  • Claremont Access/ West 5th Street - Hunter Street to Mohawk College
  • Cormorant Road
  • Dalgleish Trail/ Terryberry Road – between Rymal Road & Regional Road 56, planning a multi-use path and bicycle lanes
  • Dewitt Road - between Barton Street & Ridge Road, bicycle lanes
  • Dundas Street (Waterdown) - between Hwy 6 & Hamilton Street
  • Emerson Street - between Main Street & Whitney Avenue
  • First Road W - north of Mud Street
  • Hatt Street/ Creighton Road/ Market Street/ Dundas Street in Dundas -  bicycle lanes
  • Highland Road - west of Winterberry Drive
  • Hwy 8 crossing the escarpment - between Greensville (Park Avenue) & Dundas (Bond Street),
  • Hwy 8 (Stoney Creek) - between King Street & Dewitt Road
  • Hunter Street - two-way bicycle lanes along the south curb between MacNab Street & Catharine Street
  • Kentley Drive/Delawana Drive - between Nash Road & Lake Avenue
  • King Street - between Lawrence Road & Pottruff Road
  • Kitty Murray Lane – bicycle lanes
  • Limeridge Road - between Bonaventure Drive/ Garth Street & West 5th Street/ Hawkridge Avenue, bicycle lanes
  • Mount Albion Road/Greenhill Avenue connection to existing bicycle lanes over Red Hill Valley Parkway
  • Stonehenge Drive – bicycle lanes
  • Upper Wentworth Street - between Concession Street & Fennell Avenue
  • Victoria Avenue - between Burlington Street & Ferrie Street
  • Waterdown East - West Bypass, a multi-use path
  • Whitney Avenue – between Main Street & Emerson Street, bicycle lanes
  • York Boulevard/ Cannon Street – between Dundurn Street & Hess Street & James Street, cycle track/ bicycle lanes


  • Avonsyde Boulevard - between Parkside Drive & Dundas Street, a multi-use trail constructed
  • Cannon Street - between James Steet & Sherman Avenue, rehabilitation of existing cycle track
  • Echovalley Drive - between Stockbridge Gardens & Mud Street, bicycle lanes constructed
  • Governor’s Road - between Davidson Boulevard & Creighton Road, bicycle lanes west of Moss Boulevard & a bicycle path easterly
  • Locke Street - between George Street & Hunter Street, bicycle lanes painted
  • Parkside Drive - between Hollybush Drive & Main Street, bicycle lanes constructed
  • Rymal Road - between Spadara Drive & Garth Street & Hazelton Avenue, a bicycle path constructed beside the sidewalk


  • Brock Road - between Concession 4 W & Harvest Road, paved shoulders constructed
  • Delaware Avenue/Maplewood Avenue - bicycle lanes painted
  • Gage Avenue - between Industrial Drive & Lawrence Road, bicycle lanes painted
  • Scenic Drive - West 35th Street & Colquhoun Crescent, bicycle lanes painted
  • Sydenham Road - between Highway 5 & Romar Drive (the Brow), paved shoulders constructed


  • Upper Sherman Avenue - between Stone Church Road & Rymal Road, bike lanes constructed
  • Wilson Street - between Hamilton Drive & Seminole Road, bike lanes constructed
  • Bay Street - between Stuart Street & Aberdeen Avenue, bike lanes/cycle track painted
  • Chippawa Rail Trail Connection at Stone Church Road - a multi-use trail access constructed
  • Longwood Road - between Franklin Avenue & King Street, southbound bike lane painted
  • Garth Street - between Rymal Road & Twenty Road, bike lanes painted


Garth Street - between Stone Church Road & Rymal Road, a bike path beside the sidewalk constructed
Upper Sherman Avenue - between Limeridge Road & Stone Church Road, bike lanes constructed
Regional Road 56 - between Cemetery Road & Southbrook Drive, bike lanes constructed
Wentworth Street - between Delaware Avenue & the Escarpment Rail Trail, bike lanes painted
Rice Avenue - between Sanatorium Road & Wendover Drive, bike lanes painted
Wilson Street - between Seminole Road & Fiddler’s Green Road, a combination of bike lanes and sharrows painted
Isaac Brock Drive - bike lanes painted
Limeridge Road - between Birchview Drive & Upper Ottawa Street, sharrows painted
Winterberry Drive - a southbound bike lane and northbound sharrows between Paramount Drive & Highland Road
Highland Road - between Winterberry Drive & Upper Centennial Parkway, bike lanes painted
Upper Red Hill Parkway - between Stone Church Road & Rymal Road, a multi-use trail opened
Rymal Road - a multi-use trail connecting Pritchard Road & Trinity Church Road
Charlton Avenue - between James Street & Dundurn Street, a westbound bike lane painted
Herkimer Street - between Dundurn Street & MacNab Street, an eastbound bike lane painted


  • Centre Rd - paved shoulders between Woodend Drive & Carlisle Road
  • Cannon Street - between Gage Avenue & Kenilworth Avenue/Barons Avenue, bike lanes painted
  • King Street - between Battlefield Drive & Elm Avenue, sharrows painted
  • Mountain Brow Boulevard - between the Kimberly Stairs & Mohawk Road, multi-use trail constructed
  • Queensdale Avenue - between Upper Wellington Street & Upper Sherman Avenue, sharrows painted
  • West 5th Street - between Limeridge Road & Stone Church Road, painted


  • Cannon Street - between Lottridge Street & Gage Avenue, painted
  • York Boulevard - between Dundurn Street & Hess Street, painted
  • Cannon Street cycle track - between Hess Street and Sherman Avenue, painted
  • A multi-use trail along the south side of Aberdeen Avenue between Longwood Road and Glenside Avenue constructed
  • Twenty Road - between Nebo Road & Glover Road, completed
  • Bay Street - between Bayfront Park (Strachan Street) & Stuart Street, painted
  • Hunter Street - two segments installed in June 2014: Queen Street to MacNab Street and Catharine Street to Liberty Street
  • Main Street - a two-way bike path behind the existing sidewalk between the bridge over Hwy 403 & Frid Street
  • Longwood Road - a two-way bike path behind the existing sidewalk between Frid Street & Aberdeen Avenue


  • Sanatorium Road - between Scenic Drive & Rice Avenue
  • Burlington Street - a multi-use trail along the south side of the street between Gage Avenue & Ottawa Street completed
  • Binbrook Road - between Royal Winter Drive & Road #56, completed
  • Young Street - between Ferguson Avenue & Wellington Street, painted
  • West 5th Street - between Marlowe Drive & Limeridge Road (including reconstruction of existing bike lanes) completed
  • King Street - between Westdale Village (Cline Avenue) & Macklin Street, plus westerly of Haddon Avenue  painted
  • Hwy 8 (Stoney Creek) - between Dewitt Road & Glover Road, completed
  • Queensdale Avenue - between Upper Wellington Street & Upper Wentworth Street (pilot), painted


  • King Street - between Paradise Road & Breadalbane Street, reconstruction & extension of the two-way cycling facility
  • Main Street - between Macklin Street & Frid Street, now a two-way cycling facility over Hwy 403, painted
  • Burke Street in Waterdown - south side of Dundas Street (former Hwy 5), painted
  • Victoria Avenue - northbound only, between Ferrie Street & Barton Street, painted
  • West 5th Street - between Mohawk College entrance (Governors Boulevard) & Mohawk Road, wider curb lanes with sharrows, painted
  • Fall Fair Way and Bradley Avenue in Binbrook, painted
  • Woodward Avenue - between Beach Boulevard & Brampton Street, painted
  • Fifty Road - between McCollum Road (the lakeshore) & North Service Road, painted 
  • Burlington Street - westbound only, between Wellington Street & Ferguson Avenue, painted
  • Dundurn Street - between York Boulevard & King Street, painted


  • A multi-use trail over Hwy 403 south of Main Street between Leland Street & Studholme Road, opened.  An extension of the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail.
  • Wilson Street Hill - between Lower Lions Club Road & Rousseaux Street, resurfacing of the bike lanes where required
  • Trinity Church Road - between Rymal Road & Pinehill Drive, painted
  • Pinehill Drive - between Dakota Boulevard & Fletcher Road, painted
  • Stinson Street - between Victoria Avenue & Wentworth Street, painted
  • Dock Service Road - between Catharine Street & Ferguson Avenue, painted
  • Jolley Cut - an up-bound bike lane from the start of the bridge to Concession Street
  • Upper Wellington Street - between Stone Church Road & Rymal Road
  • A multi-use trail over the QEW by the Red Hill Valley, opened

2010 and previous

  • Woodward Avenue - between Brampton Street & Melvin Avenue, painted
  • Stone Church Road - between Garth Street & Upper James Street (the "missing link" in the full length of Stone Church Road) painted
  • York Boulevard - between Queen Street & James Street, painted
  • A multi-use trail over the LINC/RHVP near Albion Falls, completed
  • Longwood Road - between King Street & Main Street, painted and existing Longwood Road bike lanes resurfaced north of Franklin Avenue to Princess Point
  • Dundurn Street - between Main Street & Aberdeen Avenue, painted
  • Paramount Drive and Winterberry Drive (north of Paramount Drive) in the Heritage Green neighbourhood
  • King Street - between Nash Road & Battlefield Drive
  • Sanders Boulevard - between West Park Avenue & Cootes Drive
  • North Service Road - a well defined cycling route, comprised of a combination of on-street bike routes, on-street painted bike lanes, and off-road multi-use trails, between Confederation Park and Fifty Point Conservation Area 
  • York Boulevard - on-street bike lanes between Dundurn Street and the City of Burlington border
  • Ferguson Avenue bike lanes, including on the new bridge north of Barton Street
  • Stone Church Road - continued implementation of on-street bike lanes implemented in many sections, including between Upper James Street and Upper Wellington Street and east of Pritchard Road
  • King Street - between Pottruff Road and Nash Road
  • Bicycle-Friendly Stairs - constructed from Kimberly Drive up to Mountain Brow Boulevard
  • Bike Racks in various BIAs
  • Eastport Drive Lift Bridge - a bicycle-friendly stairway has been built on the Hamilton side of the bridge as well as a paved trail leading from the stairway to the Beach Trail 
  • Sterling Street - on-street bike lanes
  • Longwood Road North - on-street bike and pedestrian lanes
  • Upper Paradise Road - on-street bike lanes
  • Barton Street (Nash Road to Centennial Parkway) - relocation of utilities/poles impeded the project
  • Greenhill Avenue - Mount Albion Road to King Street - insufficient community support
  • Mohawk Road (McNiven Road to Filman Road) - wider asphalt platform was not included in the resurfacing
  • Nash Road - insufficient community support
  • Queensdale Avenue (Upper Gage Avenue to Upper Ottawa Street) - insufficient community support
  • Ridge Road (McNeilly Road to the Niagara border) - new paved shoulders are narrower than planned due to site restrictions
  • Sunnyridge Road (Hwy 403 to Wilson Street) - a wider platform to accommodate paved shoulders could not be achieved at this time
  • Trinity Church Road (south of existing bike lanes to Golf Club Road) - limited funding prohibited paved shoulders

Cycling infrastructure includes both bike lanes and multi-use trails.

Who does what

Typically, the multi-use trails that are maintained by the City are owned by the City of Hamilton. There are other trails within the city that are owned and maintained by other organizations, such as the Hamilton Conservation Authority.

  • Winter maintenance - The City provides winter maintenance of bike lanes within the paved portion of the roadway. Select multi-use trails are ploughed in winter.
  • Rural resurfacing - In rural areas, the annual road resurfacing process makes cycling a challenge for one or two months afterwards.

2019 Proposed Surface Treatment Program

Road From To Ward
Chippewa Rd W Highway No. 6 Glancaster Rd 11
Concession 12 E Centre Rd Needlepine Dr 15
Concession 2 W Middletown Rd Hwy # 52 12
Concession 2 W Harrisburg Rd Boundary (Hamilton-Brant) 12
Dunmark Rd Wilson St W End Of Street 12
Fallsview Rd Sydenham Rd Ofield Rd S 13
Ferris Rd Whitechurch Rd Leeming 11
Ferris Rd Leeming Haldibrook 11
Gore Rd Highway 6 Lennon Rd 13
Harvest Rd Ofield Rd Sydenham Rd 13
Hendershot Rd Guyatt Golf Club Rd 11
Hendershot Rd Regional 20 Rd Golf Club Rd 11
Hendry Lane Wilson St W Montgomery Dr 12
Jerseyville Rd Hwy # 52 City Limits 12
Jones Rd Hwy 8 End Of Road 10
Mill St Hendry Lane End Of Road 12
Ofield Rd S Fallsview Rd Harvest Rd 13
Old Brock Moxley Rd End Of St (Taylor) 13
Safari Rd Hwy # 8 Cooper Rd 13
Seventh Rd E Highland Rd E  Mud St E 9
Southcote South Of Book End Of Road  12
Tyneside Rd Chippewa Rd Haldibrook Rd 11
Woodhill Rd Governors Rd Conncession 2 W 12

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