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Keddy Access Trail

The Keddy Access Trail, named in honour of Jay Keddy was completed in 2020 and was facilitated by re-purposing a vehicular travel lane on one of the city’s busiest mountain access corridors in order to provide a high-quality active transportation connection between the lower city and mountain. 

With a total distance of 2.7 km, the Keddy Access Trail spans between Hunter Street and West 5th Street, with side connections at four locations (including an entry point at Hunter Street and the bottom of the Claremont Access). These connections are three-metre wide asphalt trails, located at:

  • West Avenue (near Wellington Street)
  • St Joseph’s Drive
  • North and south sides of Arkledun Avenue / Jolley Cut
  • Tanner Street through Southam Park

The trail is fully wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Overhead photo of Keddy Access Trail

Safety reminders

  • Cyclists and pedestrians are reminded to share the trail by keeping right and passing on the left.
  • As a cyclist, do not exceed 15 km/hr riding down the trail. Excess speeds can be dangerous for both you and other trail users.
  • Cyclists should use a bell, a front light, and a rear reflector on their bikes and consider wearing bright or reflective clothing.
  • Cyclists should wear a helmet and cyclists under 18 years of age are required to wear a helmet.
  • When passing others, slow down and use your bell to alert pedestrians that you are approaching.
  • Trails will be maintained and salted throughout the winter months but it’s still important to travel according to weather conditions.
  • As a pedestrian, keep pets close and on a leash.
  • Pedestrians should avoid distractions while walking like texting or talking on the phone.

Maintenance closures on the Keddy Access are shared in advance on the City’s Twitter account @CityofHamilton.

Keddy Access Trails Rules