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Community Safety Zones

Banner for Community Safety Zones in Hamilton

A Community Safety Zone is a designated stretch of roadway marked with provincially legislated Community Safety Zone signs. Designating a stretch of roadway as a Community Safety Zone allows for the doubling of fines associated with speeding and is meant to influence slower speeds and improve safety in certain sections of road where public safety is of special concern.

Community Safety Zone signs signal to motorists travelling within the zone that under the Highway Traffic Act, fines for speeding or related offenses are doubled. Rules of the road do not change within the designated zones, but the penalties for violations are significantly increased.

Choosing Community Safety Zones

The selection of Community Safety Zones across Hamilton were determined based on the number of safety and speeding complaints, locations with higher numbers of vulnerable populations such as seniors and children, and areas with higher numbers of previous violations. For a full list of Community Safety Zone locations, visit the City’s Vision Zero Dashboard.

Highway Traffic Act

In June 1998, the Province of Ontario passed Bill 26 to promote public safety through the creation of Community Safety Zones. The bill, and its regulatory changes, are targeted at improving road safety in Ontario.

Under section 214.1 of the Highway Traffic Act, "The Council of a municipality may by by-law designate a part of a highway under its jurisdiction as a Community Safety Zone if, in the Council's opinion, public safety is of special concern on that part of a highway."