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Dynamic Speed Signs

Image of Dynamic Speed Sign installed on the roadThe Dynamic Speed Signs contain a radar device and an LED display. The radar measures the speeds of oncoming vehicles and the LED sign displays their speeds to the passing motorists. The unit functions as an educational tool for residents and motorists to raise awareness about motor vehicle speeds. The equipment is for information purposes only and does not issue speeding tickets. 

Purpose of the Dynamic Speed Signs

Dynamic Speed Signs have been introduced to the City of Hamilton as part of a safety initiative to reduce vehicle speed. The operating speed electronically displayed is a strong visual reminder to the motorist to comply with the posted speed limit.

LED speed sign display accuracy

The signs have been tested and are to within +/- 4 km/h of the displayed speed, so there may be some differences between what the sign and your spedometer display. Traffic Engineering still uses Automatic Traffic Counters on the road for accurate measures of speed and volume when needed.

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