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Hamilton’s Truck Route Network

Almost all materials now consumed in Hamilton reach their final destination by truck. Transportation in Hamilton has changed over the years with reduced emphasis on heavy industry in the north-east quadrant of the lower city and with the addition of major transportation facilities such as the Lincoln Alexander Parkway/Red Hill Valley Parkway system.

Hamilton’s Truck Route Network helps keep trucks on suitable roadways in Hamilton.

The purpose of the Truck Route Network is to:

  • Support safe and timely movement of goods and services
  • Recognize and try to limit the impacts of truck traffic on the interests of the greater community such as safety, congestion, noise, and air quality
  • Protect the City’s road infrastructure that cannot bear heavy loads or roads where truck traffic would be unsuitable (e.g. narrow lanes, weight restrictions on bridges).  

Hybrid Truck Route Signing System

The City of Hamilton has begun using a Hybrid Truck Route Signing System utilizing both Permissive and Restrictive truck route signing.

This involves using permissive truck route trailblazing signs and augmenting the permissive signs with restrictive truck route signs at critical locations to reinforce the truck route system.

View the Truck Route map (PDF, 2 MB)

Permissive signage


Restrictive signage

Restrictive (red circle) Truck Route Signage

Rules and regulations

  • Trucks may exit off of the permissive route to access their destination using the shortest distance from the truck route possible from non-designated City roadways.
  • Enforcement is through the Hamilton Police Service. Failure to adhere to Truck Route network and heavy truck restrictions may result in fines under the Highway Traffic Act and Municipal Traffic By-law (PDF, 149 KB). 
  • A recent change to the by-law permits registered farm vehicles to use non-designated City roadways in the rural areas of the City.

Reduced load roadways

Under the Highway Traffic Act, the province enforces reduced load restrictions on trucks to protect Ontario’s highways during spring thaw (March 1 to April 30), when road damage is most likely to occur. See Section 122 of the Highway Traffic Act to learn about reduced load weight specifications and other details.

Truck Route Master Plan

The City will begin a review of the current Truck Route Master Planwithin the next year.

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